The Danger of Texting while Driving

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We live in the modern age of technology which allows us to contact everyone we need anytime we want or need them. There is rarely a person who doesn’t own a cell phone. If you too own one, you are probably using texting, or also known as SMS. Did you know that there are more than billions of messages sent each month? That is not such a surprising fact because it is totally normal for the world we live in today.

Texting-While-Driving-DangerThe serious and sad fact is that every 4th message is sent while driving. How much do you know about the danger of texting while driving? You have probably heard millions of bad news on the TV or over the web about the car accidents which were caused because the people were texting while driving. Even 11% of the drivers who are from 18 to 20 years old were in a car accident which was caused because of the problem we are talking about here. You saw the news, trembled, and continued with your habit? I would love to hear the negative answer here.

The scientific studies have shown that texting while driving definitely decreases the driver’s abilities. It is totally impossible to be concentrated on driving while texting because you focus on the two things at once. You know that there are some situations where you need to react in a second to stay alive, and of course, not to endanger some other being. It is the truth that there are like 100 billion of neurons in our brain and those process the information at the high rate of 1000 times per second. Yes, the human brain is a marvel, but it isn’t created for the multitasking.

eeEspecially for the serious situations which can cause you life and also a life of the others. Because the people started adopting this harmful habit, the government set the penalties. It may cost you from $400 to $800. But please, don’t let this be a reason why you won’t text while driving.

Those penalties didn’t concern people much because a lot of people is rarely caught doing it. You need to understand that you are doing this for your own safety, and not because you don’t want to be caught and need to pay for the broken law. Besides the fact that texting is distracting your attention, it also requires your hands. People often think that they can drive easily with just one hand, but this is not the truth.

It can be just a second or two distraction and you can cause a car accident easily. What can you do about it? First of all, if you need to text someone about something really important, stop your car and text the message. Also, don’t read the reply you get if you are driving. If you are a person who is a businessman for example, or someone who needs to be available all the time, you should definitely buy yourself a pair of the Bluetooth headphones.

Talking while driving is also not so recommended, but it is definitely much safer than texting. Use these headphones only when it is necessary. I hope that you are now aware of the danger of texting while driving. Don’t just read this and forget about it.

ddAre you testing your luck or your destiny?

Could you live your life like before if you endanger someone else’s or your family’s?

Is that facebook message more important than your own safety?

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