NASA says that the world should be prepared for the visitors

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Since the beginning of the mankind, humans were looking at the sky and wondering are we alone. People who lived a long time ago draw pictures on the walls about some mysterious beings who control our lives. They prayed to numerous Gods asking for the rain for their crops or asking for help when some of the diseases appeared.

We always believed that we are not alone. Humans need to believe in something. As the science was becoming stronger, and since we know so much about the space and time, theories of relativity and gravitation, it is not hard to guess that there can be numerous of lives in the Universe. Maybe not a life we know, but something must exist. Something different. Do they speak? Sure, but probably not in our language, if you may agree. Do they have a body or are they just souls?

ff Nevertheless, the scientists know that any existence of life needs to have proper environment, and besides that, everything in space contains the materials which are known to us. So, when thinking about how the aliens may look like, it is probable that, if they exist, they are very similar to us. We are now talking about the intelligent beings who will contact us because whenever this topic arrives, people always ask: ”What about the animals?” Maybe they also have some sorts of animals, but it is pretty obvious that those won’t contact us. Are we prepared to meet the aliens?

Our whole life we were trying to get some signals and to understand some situations which weren’t logic, and we always connected them to the aliens. It is normal and very expected that we, humans, are curious. We want to know what lays in that never endless dark. How did NASA come to the conclusion that we should be prepared for the visitors? As I have said, the scientists got some serious discoveries about our Universe.

They found that there are like more than a billion Earths over there. And what about the black holes? What about the parallel universes? Probably, there are even more planets like Earth than the scientists have already discovered. Our planet is the real treasure. If you take a look at our solar system, you will see the planets which are made of rock or even fire, impossible to ensure any sort of life. Luckily, technology and science together discovered that we are not alone.

Our galaxy is just one of the billions of others. Does this news excite you? Hearing that we will meet the aliens? What do we expect? Do we expect that they will relieve us all the secrets about the space, about time and the gravity? Will we have the possibility to travel for thousands of years and to stay alive? Most of the people think that the aliens are much more intelligent than we are. How do we know that? Are they good or evil? How would we speak with them?

dddWho would speak with them of all the people on our planet? There are a lot of theories about the aliens, and one of them is that the extraterrestrials are our ancestors and that they have put us here, for some kind of the experiment. Many people believe that they are just watching us and that those news that NASA has said mean that they will come to tell us what we need to know. We, humans, have now reached almost the perfection in our existence.

We think that we know so much, we have the high-developed technology and so on. One thing that is frightening is that the NASA thinks that their visit won’t be a pleasant one. They believe that the aliens want something from us, and that may be our planet.

What if they got hit by a comet or experienced the destruction of their own planet?

If they arrive, and even if the war begins, will we finally unite as one?

Would it be a war for the world?

Will we stop fighting against each other and destroying our planet?

Maybe that is a message they want to send us?

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