Man caught stabbing father 100 times: “My Name is God, I Killed Satan”

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In what has turned to be rather a bizarre occurrence, a man by the name John Shenko, caught soaked in his father’s blood referred to himself as being “God.” As crazy as that may sound, a recent court filing has confirmed that this strange occurrence took place on August 13 outside the family’s St. Charles Township Home. Prosecutors at the Kane county quoted Shenko telling the deputy Sherriff, “I’m not getting off of him, you’re going to have to shoot me.

My name is God. I killed Satan.” John Shenko is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in relation of him stabbing his father, Kevin Shenko, 60, more about 100 times. The court files show that upon the prosecutors’ request, Judge John Barsanti ordered a psychological evaluation on Shenko. Although the evaluation report was filed on August 18th, it has been locked away from public view.

A description of some of the events that transpired at the Shenko home when the Sherriff’s deputy arrived at around 1 a.m. on August 13 was also filed. According to the filed report, the Sherriff’s deputy was sent to check out the home after there were reports of someone shouting for help. As the sheriff’s deputy approached, he was confronted with a rather gruesome scene. While on top of his father’s body, John Shenko straddled the body while saying, “Die, die, die, die, die.”

The report further says that John Shenko had previously hidden knives under his mattress, threatened to stab himself. It is said that he is quite a violent man. It is thus rather shocking that he would consider calling himself God. As a matter of fact, he is far from even being considered a Christian! Such behavior is not what can be portrayed by a normal human being. God’s Character is love. Actually, love for fellow human beings and love for God is the sole duty of human beings. Love is the greatest gift that was bestowed upon us by God. And this is not that kind of love that people have when they are lusting after that beautiful model-like damsel living down the hall from you. No! It is not the kind of love that people say they felt when they want to commit suicide because they have been divorced or left by their spouses.

Christian love is that which is patient, kind, free of envy and jealousy, without pride, does not conjure evil plans against fellow human beings, it is not easily provoked to anger and above all rejoices in truth. It cannot be associated with evil. When you love your parents, you cannot even think of murdering them. No, Never! Any true believer of God does not Murder anyone, for the Bible is against such an evil deed.

m1God’s commandments themselves, which portray His character, prohibit murder. “Thou shalt not Kill,” they say. So, for John Shenko to say that he is God, something must be terribly wrong. He is nothing more than a psychopath! Cold blooded murder can only be the work of the devil. It is the devil who wanted to be like God. In fact, sin originated from the pride that Lucifer had before his fall. He thought that, now that he was a glorified angel he could be as God. And with his evil influence he convinced many angles to his side. Together with his legion of fallen angels, the devil now deceives many in our world today. He is the origin of sin and suffering. The world has over the years turned from the peaceful home built for holy men into a very evil place.

Every kind of filthy behavior can be found in the world today. We even find people who worship Satan! People today have become so engrossed in sin that doing what is right according to God seems wrong. Take a look at America! Founded by upright people who were mainly protestants fleeing persecution for believing in the right. Today, America has become as evil as Babylon was. It has become the center of every unclean behavior. Just look at all the debauchery and licentiousness!

Giving good names to sins that were previously unheard of just to make ourselves feel good. Today committing adultery is just having an affair! We are warned that the last days’ people will be lovers of self, money and the flesh. 2nd Timothy 4:3 says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers.” Destruction will come upon the world when we least expect. It will come while people make merry and drink themselves to stupor. Just as it was when God destroyed the people in Noah’s time by the use of the great flood, so shall it be in the time of the end.

Well, one thing is for sure. The day of the coming of Christ is almost nigh. Prepare your soul for the day or you shall be lost forever.

Are you a partaker of the life of lusts and pleasure of life?

Are you ready for Christ’s soon return?

What do you understand about God?

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