Beautiful People’s Fund Campaign for Hurricane Irma

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The Hurricane Irma has brought about devastating times for the people of northern Lesser Antilles, Florida and several other areas. On Wednesday, 6th September 2017, strong gusts of wind began to wreck havoc on some Caribbean regions, disrupting the life of residents and demolishing everything in its way.

Roads, hospitals, schools and bridges stood no chance against nature’s onslaught. Crossing across the Caribbean regions, Irma reared its ugly head by transforming into a Category 5 hurricane on 8th September. Rainstorms, floods, infrastructure collapse, power outage are the kind of tribulations that Irma has left behind.

BPVThe Beautiful People magazine hereby launches a disaster relief campaign to accumulate funds for the victims of Irma. We need all the support we can get. Every penny you could contribute would allow a person to fill their stomach and brave the storm. Remember, no help is too small or unappreciated. You can make a donation by card, Paypal, cheque etc.

Contact us to further discuss the mode of your donation. Help us save our fellow humans and deal with natural threats like hurricane. The lives of those impacted by Irma will never be the same; restoring any semblance of normality will take more time than could be comprehended by others.

We may not know what it is like to have our entire world uprooted and smashed into smithereens, but we do know that a helping hand goes a long way in providing assurance to the victims. So, let’s stand together in these times of difficulty and assist others. Make your contribution at the earliest.

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