Tips to Raising Kids smarter and Intelligent

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Developing and enhancing the potential of your child is one of the main aims of parenting. Making your child the best makes a parent happy and proud of their children. Well, as a child grows, to enhance brain’s development one needs practice and exercise to realize its maximum potential.

childThe environment in which the child grows matters: sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections. The experiences of the children in their early years shape the kind of person that they will become, their emotions and self-control, performance in school, the kind of relationships they will build, and even the kind of parents they will become.

Below are some of the tips to maximizing your child’s intellectual potential:

Encourage communication

Foster a reading culture. Reading books to your child daily has many benefits. It will develop their scope of understanding and vocabulary.

Develop their interest in reading. This includes asking the kids to talk about books they have read (in the case of the older ones) or even showing them a book page and asking them what they see in picture books (for the much younger ones). For example, you can ask, “What’s the name of this animal? Where do you think it lives? This is a starting point to a reading culture.

Black woman and little daughter smiling and showing love to each other

Talk about daily experiences. This might seem basic to some parents. However, it is worth noting that this would help your child learn about how the world works and developing awareness and intelligence.

Limit screen time. There are many beneficial learning activities online and on TV screen for kids. Therefore, it might seem illogical to limit the time the kids spend on screens. However, limiting the time would be equally beneficial especially in fostering their communication. The time used on the devices could otherwise be used for excessive, talking to friends or even hands-on activities.

Fostering Creativity

Encourage your artistic child. This could be something as simple as hanging your child’s crafts and doodles on the fridge. The art will encourage expression, spatial awareness, color, and many other beneficial qualities and skills. Always make the essential materials such as crayons, colored paper, markers and other materials readily available for the child.

Avoid negative criticism for your child’s work. They might not be as good as Picasso, but art does help them explore their creativity while still having fun. Developing an interest in their work would also go a long way in encouraging them. Let your child play with blocks, and puzzles.

Baseball Father and Son

Play outdoor games and sports with your child. Take time to walk with your child. Develop a musical home. Play music and if you play an instrument or sing, involve your kid in making the music. Your child can also take lessons if they become interested.

However, even if you are not musical, try playing music with your child in the car or at home. Sing along with them as they sing their holiday songs, silly songs, nursery rhymes and other tunes.

Teach Your Child about the World

Spend time outdoors. This will improve not only their intelligence but also their health. Outdoor activities encourage the kids to have increased curiosity, learn more about nature and basic scientific concepts.

Globalize your child’s outlook. Helping your child understand their environment is paramount. Learning about sites around them, culture will increase their knowledge and understanding of other people and thus appreciate cultural diversity. This can be done by travelling with your child often to new and interesting places. Even if you are not able to travel, you can also teach and let the children read maps.

Father Preparing Food For His Family Making Them Breakfast In Kitchen

Create a Nurturing Atmosphere

Avoid constantly praising your child. This might seem bad for the child but it actually works to avoid the child developing overconfidence and pride. Also, hearing constantly that they are gifted, they develop a notion that intelligence is innate. They will get easily discouraged when things get tough or do not work in their favor. Rather, encourage your child into believing that abilities can be gained through effort.

Provide adequate amounts of food. This is by providing enough food and food that is balanced and nutritious. Have an open mind towards the abilities of your child. Help them find activities and learning activities that suit their abilities. Love your child.

Develop a loving connection with your child. One-on-one interactions with your child will help them develop higher critical thinking skills. Above all, a nurturing, loving and happy home is the greatest gift to offer your child. Well, accept your child’s limitations and avoid pushing them too hard towards predetermined goals in important as they grow.

Be available for them as you are your child’s first role model.

Have you in a way as a parent been a good influence to your child?

What are the things you have done to make your child feel loved and cared for?

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