The Collapse Of Venezuela is here!

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The crisis is more complicated than simply shouting “SOCIALISM!

No one wants to start a business in Venezuela because the state will just seize it, GM Motors have already cancelled all plans in Venezuela because the state took one of their factories. This should not happen that’s illegal but thanks to socialist policies in Venezuela it isn’t and is the main reason they have no other industry to fall back on in the case of oil prices dropping.

VenezuelaWhat is socialism?

Socialism is a system where social ownership is implemented and there is democratic control. This means that there is shared and common ownership of equity with the government. This aims for equal distribution of possessions among the people. Because of this no single person or group may possess a company or business. Government owns the largest businesses and enterprises. {That’s socialized} The government also sets price controls on almost everything.

Socialism in Venezuela

Since 1999, Venezuela adopted the Bolivarian Revolution a left-wing populism social movement. Late President Hugo Chavez led that government. This Bolivarian Revolution aims to establish Bolivarianism which is a form of socialism. This type of government was later on continued by his successor, President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro started leading Venezuela as the country’s president since 2013. President Maduro followed his predecessor’s leadership by continuing the Bolivarian Revolution. However, many dubbed as more of a dictator. This adoption of socialism led to the unexplainable reaction of citizens because also of the unexpected effects of socialism. Since then, the streets were never without protests and outcries.

Vene2Crimes have increased. Middle-class citizens who were able to graduate with a good degree take an uprising to fight for their rights. But to no avail, the government would take hold of them instead and remove them of their rights to thrive. Because of the chaos, the economy of the country has been going down. The inflation rate increases uncontrollably. In socialism, democratic control should be present. This is important in socialism.

People should have participation in social and economic decisions. However, it is not so in Venezuela. And everybody knows that this happened to Venezuela because it is communist country. The same thing will happen to United States if news networks won’t stop given fake news and mislead the public. We still have a sense that some people do not recognize the crisis that Venezuela is facing. Venezuela is another firm example of the failure of socialism.

The Government could never afford these lavish welfare systems even with high priced oil. They should have encouraged private enterprise and foreign investment, but they effectively outlawed the economy. Venezuela could have been the most successful marketplace in Latin America, but now it’s about to collapse.

How did socialism fail in Venezuela?

The failure in Venezuela’s economy can be blamed not only on socialism but on the government leaders. The system might have worked should the government learn to lead with integrity. But that is not so because government leader have abused socialism and used it to practice corruption to feed their greed.

venezuela2Investors hesitate in investing in the country for fear of what socialism can do. The government would seize them for vested interests. It has scared away huge investors. Aside from the sickening corruption, there has also been an uncontrollable imbalance of supplies of food and medicine. The inflation rate has also escalated to hyperinflation and there have been problems in trade.

Effects of Socialism in Venezuela

Most of the people who live in Venezuela, are going to have to flee from their country in order for their family not to starve, there are no medicines, no food, a country without those two things have no future and will not survive. In 2015, Maduro declared a state of economic emergency in hoping to solve the economic crises. This declaration can make citizens to work more than required for a period of 60 days to meet the demands and supply the lack in the country. It also opened borders to allow people to purchase supplies outside the country.

The escalating problem in Venezuela caused families to fear for their lives. All they wanted to do now in Venezuela is just survive. Maduro’s regime have destroyed the country, and they future, You see tears in people’s eyes everyday, terrified for they future, and leaving family behind not knowing what will happen in the coming weeks. This a sad news for a country who would have had very high potential but is now going down.

venezuela-55What could be a prognosis for Venezuela?

Do they stand a chance?

Is there hope for socialism in Venezuela?

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