North Korea – The threat we didn’t see coming

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There is the terrible news which goes around the globe saying that the North Korea has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead which can fit inside its missiles. So, now it is official that they have the nuclear power. That will definitely go down in history. They are secretly moving that ballistic missile towards the west coast. So, the North Korea threatens America with the final miserable end. Is Kim Jong-un begging for war?

KoreaAre you scared about that news and the North Korea? You are probably not scared enough. They now definitely became a full-fledged nuclear power! Does reading this makes your heart beating faster or your hands shaking? Yes, mine too. It also makes me so angry when I imagine where it all can lead to.

Although, the world cannot say that we couldn’t predict this coming. In the 1990s there was a story that the North Korea will someday create such powerful and dangerous weapons. Of course, to us all, it seemed so far away and no one thought about the future. But, here we are. Talking exactly about the things the world expected, but closed its eyes to the potential threat. The North Korea has reportedly moved an intercontinental ballistic missile towards its west coast. The U.S. president said that they’re asking for war?

President Trump took his challenge and is expanding critical political capital to make sure that the North Korean threat doesn’t get any worse. So, what is it all about? First of all, China must enforce the sanctions that it agreed to the UN. If not, it can pay a massive price.

KoreaaThe capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, must enforce the sanctions within the 30 days. If they don’t do it, the America will have no other choice than to take the massive recalibration of the U.S.-China relationship. What will that mean for China? First of all, that will get tough for them to trade. The second thing is that it is the time to reinforce the missiles defenses in Asia. South Korea needs to embrace THAAD and besides that to request from the Washington more Patriot missile defense batteries.

Japan also needs to acquire THAAD and the Aegis Ashore missile defense system. It is all for making it sure that the Kim Jong Un’s chances of attacking a critical ally drop as much as possible. But that is not all. The America needs to invest so much more robust missile defenses right at their home. That actually means to expand dramatically the amount of ground based interceptors in Alaska and also in the other locations which are located around the United States.

They need to ensure that their homeland has the best possible defenses from such an imminent threat. Besides all that is mentioned, they need to make sure that America First means Asia First. The president of the United States claims that they have the right tools to make sure that the situation won’t get any worse, although the North Korea may have crossed the threshold of becoming a nuclear power. But is that enough? North Korea carries a perfect test of a hydrogen bomb.

Korea 2Are the United States prepared for this and will they have to use their overwhelming force against the North Korea? All in all, it is needed only 30 minutes for a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile, also known as ICBM, to reach the Los Angeles, once it is launched from the North Korea.

The news that goes around the globe claim that the Trump has the plans and actions which won’t be able to stop this. But, is he going to attack them? That should be the first question. What is going to happen? We can just sit and wait. I don’t want to see the 3rd world war coming. I know that you don’t want it to. What is it all about? Was the Nostradamus right when he said in his predictions that the Asian’s will rule the world?

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