Hurricane Irma – the most powerful Atlantic Hurricane!

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The dangerous news travel around the globe. It all started happening a few days ago, and it is still happening. The Hurricane Irma. It has strengthened to a Category 5 storm, so the real catastrophic damage can happen anytime in the Florida Keys and the southern Florida. It is expected to happen this weekend. That would be a second storm which has formed behind it.

People around the globe are terrified with this news, and they have a reason to be. It is the most powerful hurricane in history, 185-200 mph winds! There was 185 mph winds and gust of more than 200 mph as of 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday. What was Irma packing then is expected to be continued churning. It will result with deadly hurricane-force wind and a very dangerous storm surge. It will spread across a wide swath of the Carribean this week.

After that, it will move toward the southern Florida, that is what the National Hurricane Center said. It has developed from the Atlantic Ocean and it moves west-northwest at 16 mph. So, where is that dangerous storm exactly? What can people do to save themselves and their homes? We might say that nowadays we’re so lucky to have these kinds of technologies and to predict most of the things. It has moved over several islands between the Carribean and Atlantic, which includes the parts of the British Virgin Islands, Barbuda, St.Bards, and St. Martin. At least 3 people have already died. Nature definitely became wild.

The storm is now 50 miles east of Antiqua and is still moving west-northwest at 15mph. The warnings and the hurricane watches have been issued all across Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Turks, and Caicos, and the Leeward Islands. Besides that, there was a Tropical Storm Jose which has formed over the open Atlantic. It was following closely behind Irma, and it became a Category 2 hurricane. Although, the Tropical Storm Jose is not as nearly a threat as the Irma is. Irma was called the strongest hurricane.

Now, the National Hurricane Center isn’t sure where will the storm go. It may track up the east or west coast of Florida. So, if it travels up Florida’s west coast, then it would definitely present the worst-case scenarios! The catastrophes will happen then for Gulf cities from Naples to Tampa. On the other side, if the storm goes up to Florida’s east coast, the ”worst” side of the storm would remain off-shore. That sounds comforting, but it may happen that it later makes landfall somewhere between Savannah, Georgia, South Carolina, and Charleston.

It is declared a state of emergency for every country to ensure that the local governments have enough resources, time and flexibility to get prepared for this dangerous storm. The evacuations are also anticipated for low-lying portions of Miami-Dade County, which also includes Miami Beach. Besides that, 1,000 volunteers are sent to Florida by the American Red Cross. It is already well-known that people in Florida always need to prepare for the worst, and of course, to expect the best. But this time, the path of Irma is not absolutely known, and nobody can afford to be 100% prepared for what will happen.

IrmaThe Florida Keys (Monroe County) issued a mandatory evacuation order on Wednesday, and also Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) advised their people to evacuate some endangered areas. There are many shelters which are open when the storm arrives. Also, all those who have vulnerable homes or flood prone areas need to immediately start with the evacuation plans head to those shelters.

Mandatory evacuations were underway in the Florida and set to begin on Thursday in the Miami area too. That is the best that could be done for the preparation. The South Florida has millions of people and just only two major highways. Traffic and the fuel shortages were already becoming problems as people were trying to get out of the storm’s paths. Most supermarkets are already empty.

What will happen with the hurricane Irma?

Did we prepare for the worst properly?

What can we do, besides hoping for the best?

Irma trackThe Gov. Rick Scott said that he cannot stress this situation enough. He told people not to ignore the evacuation orders! He also added that they can rebuild your home, but sadly they cannot rebuild your life!

What is going on with nature?

Are we humans responsible for that?

How are we behaving with our planet?

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