Why hasn’t NASA returned to the moon

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As a person who is very interested in science, and especially in the Universe, there wasn’t a day without a though-why haven’t we went back to the moon? It has been almost 50 years since the first landing, in 1969 by Apollo 11. You can nowadays hear the different news about China going to Mars, and even Jupiter’s moons, and nobody talks about going back to our moon.

How is that possible? NASA claims that the main reason they haven’t been back to the moon is that the journey is really expensive. But, if you start researching or even reading about what people think about landing on the moon, the majority of people claim that it was a political thing, and also that they are not even sure that humans have ever been there. There are the theories about the United States and how they just wanted to prove the Soviet Union that they are better in the space race. But, what about the rest of the world?

NASA has funding which comes from the United States. They claim that they have not enough money, and also that they need to spend it on the other various science projects. Besides that, why would we go back to the moon? Why wouldn’t we explore something new? There is another interesting conspiracy which claims that the aliens live on the dark side of the moon, and because of that we never returned there.

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We live in the age of the high-technology, and there are tons of videos which represent the little mistakes made in the first video or picture on the moon, claiming that humans weren’t there. I don’t like to argue, I rather like to think more efficiently and to search for the solution. So, from my opinion, the reason we weren’t there again, is probably because of the money. It is so expensive, and besides that, there is nothing sufficiently useful or scientifically interesting enough, as the scientists claim. Maybe I am wrong, maybe they don’t tell the truth.

But I just cannot stay on that opinion, because I believe that we, regular humans, don’t even know the 10% of what is going on in the science and space world, and probably we will never ever find out. We will just get our piece of cake, but a small one. Why is that so? If there is something in the space, and of course that there is because it so large that it is impossible to believe that there is no one or nothing that would change the human thinking about the existence.

Nasa moon 2If the scientist relieved all of their secrets and everything they really know about the moon, space, what they saw on the moon really, what would happen on the Earth? If we find out the real truth about the other planets, satellites, dimensions, what would happen with the people on our globe, how would they accept it? I think it would be the real chaos. The anarchy. What about the religion then? Who will control the masses?

Although there really might be nothing that sufficiently interesting on the moon for the scientist, I cannot let myself being without one particular thought. Will we ever have a chance just to travel there, like passengers? Like when you go to Paris, Egypt or anywhere you want? Can you imagine a view of the Earth from the moon? Incredible. I really hope our children will one day experience those dimensions and walk on our satellite.

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