Feds Look to Own Your Kids

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Since I am a pedagogue, this theme concerned me a lot if I may admit, and I know that it concerned you too. Besides that, as a parent, you know how this sounds frightening and in some way so cold. It is well known that the child development depends mostly on its first years of life. Some of the psychologist claim that it is the first three years that are the most important, the others say it is five… Nevertheless, the first years of the childhood and a way in which person is being treated, educated and raised, will have so many impacts on that child when it becomes an adult.

Feds-LookAdolf Hitler had one quote which is totally true. He said there that if you give him a child for the first five years of his lifetime, the child will be his forever. But, what is this all about? Are Feds really looking to own your children? In what way? It is all about being ”the equal” with parents in raising their children. We all know that all the parents are different, we all made and still make some mistakes with our babies and kids, but who doesn’t? When you deliver a baby it doesn’t come with a manual. But, you feel it in your heart and it is such a natural process that you really don’t need to have a book.

Ok, some advice could help in some cases, but mostly you need to listen and follow your child needs and your inner voice. Besides that, your children are you! They are like you, genetically and they will have even the same behaviorsĀ as you when they grow up. It is not all learned by a model, but most of it is even predicted because of the genes. We don’t just have our mother’s or father’s eyes, but also their temperament, gifts etc. So, what are we talking about here, then?

feddThe insertion of the government as the most important influence on the early childhood programs and schools with the parents being given an ”equal” station. How will that plan work? The government will intervene should parents fail to meet the standards which are set by the government itself. They will have a permission to constantly monitor kids, parents and their way of parenting, and also the development at school and at home. At home?

Where is the privacy and the calm family lunch? Well, the Feds can make the ”home visits” as a part of their plan to see how is the child behaving or are the parents good at raising their kid. It sounds a little bit disturbing for me, if I may admit. I cannot imagine being natural and calm with my child if all of the eyes are on me all the time. I may agree that in some cases the families need to be watched, and that is for their own good. Although, it is happening over the years and it is normal.

Let’s say it is good for an endangered family or if they have someone who is ill at their home and that makes them difficult to raise their kids alone, by themselves. But, this is the job of the pedagogue, pediatrician or a psychologist. But, we’re not talking about that here. There is more. Sadly. The government also want the children to be checked by the doctor and pediatricians to predict or find out if the children are depressed.

fed It is practically normal that most of the people and also children feel depressed from time to time. Besides that, who will understand them better than their own parents and a psychologist? What is this all about, are we making the world of the identical and ”perfect” personalities? Will this affect the families and tear them apart? How will the kids be raised naturally if this all looks like a military system? I think this won’t end up well…Every child is different, and it needs to develop naturally by its own way and as fast as the child needs. There is no low for that.

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