Is Trump – The beginning of something crazy/terrible?

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It is practically normal to hear the different opinions from the people for the presidents that are or were in power. It is well known that you cannot please everyone, and that is totally okay. But, something is wrong here, because the whole world is talking some terrible and crazy ideas, events, things that the new president of the United Stated did or he is still doing. But, why people have chosen him to be in power then? As always, there are the various theories about that. It was all paid, false and fake etc.

Trump 2You can also hear some conspiracy theories why is he chosen and so on.So, let’s take a closer look what this president has done so far and what are his intention for the future. First of all, he has given progressives so many causes for fear and outrage, that people started to believe that they are going to face the dark ages and to live in the barbarian era. Well, it doesn’t happen yet, but the news spread around the globe and everyone is in fear.

What he actually did? He started with firing the director of the FBI for failing to demonstrate personal loyalty to him. If we look at this case in a historical way, we can see that all of the presidents avoided firing the head of the FBI out of respect for federal law enforcement’s independence. Besides that, the FBI serve ten-year terms precisely to ensure a measure of the distance from the Oval Office’s occupant. So yes, he did what he wanted without any explanation given.

Secondly, he tried to intimidate his former FBI director into silence by threatening to release the secret recordings of their conversations. Furthermore, he encouraged the America’s intelligence chiefs to undermine the FBI’s Russia probe. Am I finished? No, not even close. The president undermined the international cooperation on climate change. Also, the America’s credibility on the world stage, out of mindless spite. He accused London’s first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism, and all that just the hours after a terrorist attack in London.

Trump TroubleLater, the president shared the highly classified Israeli intelligence with a core ally of Israel’s top geopolitical foe. Donald Trump is also active in the social media, and the worst thing he posted that shocked the world was that he abandoned an alliance with a longtime Middle East ally and he did that over Twitter.

When it was the 96th day of his presidency, Trump unveiled a tax-reform plan that was even less detailed than the blueprint he had campaigned on. That sounds really unprofessional. Those facts sound tragic and at the same time frightening. We can see how much power a man can have in such a position. But, what is the century we live in? I almost came to the point to share the idea with the people who think that the dark age is coming and the barbarian time. Let’s go further. The president of the United States threatened to sabotage America’s insurance markets. And all that as a means of coercing Democrats into voting for his plan to finance a large tax cut for the rich people by throwing the millions off of Medicaid. I saved the one that sounds the most frightening to me for the end.

The president reinstated the anti-abortion gag-rule, which will definitely increase the number of the unsafe abortions all around the globe. He literally puts so many lives in danger. The list goes on, and it is becoming bigger and bigger with days.

TrumpWhat can the America expect for their future? Can they sleep calmly? Can we?

How will this all affect the whole world and what will happen with the war between the strongest nations, because it looks like it is around the corner all the time?

Are the barbarian times and the dark age here?

Who can control the things that are happening and will they stop? Can we expect some changes for better?

We can just sit, read the information, and wait…

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