Top 10 Destinations For Real Estate in the World

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It has been projected that this year 2017, the world economy is going to start gaining momentum and on to 2018. People are back to enjoying the money they have earned, going on vacations and putting their money in worthwhile investments. One of the best investments nowadays is real estate. So imagine being able to travel to your favorite vacation spot and having a home to stay there at the same time.

That is not just any good idea but it is the best idea you can have because aside from having a place to stay, you can even have it rented out while you’re away. Cool, right? To ensure that you have made a good investment, make sure that you have invested in the right places. Here are some places where real estate is worth every penny.


This geographically small country is not so small at all. When it comes to economy, the country’s name resonates higher and louder than all its neighboring countries. This country has a reputation of doing what is right. Because of that, people seem to be drawn to this attractive country.

SwitzerlandSwitzerland has strict rules and laws but it does not stop investors from investing on properties. The most popular real estate investments in Switzerland are hotels, restaurants and shopping establishments.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known to welcome a huge number of tourists every year of 2.5 million people with expenditures amounting to a total of $6 billion during their vacation in the said country.

New ZeaThis makes New Zealand one of the best places to invest real estate in. A good idea of investment would be rental places, as well as commercial and tourism properties.


Sweden has not been in the limelight for several years. The country has kept a low profile and one would think that investing in the country is not a good idea at all.

SwedenHowever, if you take a look at its crime index and statistics, Sweden is known as one of the safest live and invest in, not to mention the hospitable and friendly people living in it. A real estate business is the sure and safe investment.

Liguria, Italy

Italy seems to be a popular destination when it comes to tourism and vacation. It is already home to several popular destinations such as Rome, Milan, Venice and Tuscany. But there is another city on the rise, Liguria.

liguriaWhy Liguria? Because this city houses the same history and amenities with its more popular neighboring cities and yet, it is the most affordable at this point. An investment in this low profile city is one of the best ideas and smartest moves one can make.

The Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has always been known to be a tourist destination because of their unique market and beautiful view and beaches. Investing in Portugal is not yet expensive and would be considered as a wise thing to do. One of the best places to invest in Portugal is The Algarve. It has remain untouched and unexploited.

algraveNew York, New York

This may seem to be a high risk investment but because of the reputation that the city has, it might be a risk worth taking. However, you should first know how to play the game. When you do, you will surely get a good gain most especially in rental properties because of the huge influx of people.

NYMarbella, Spain

Spain has been a popular tourist destination for decades. The most popular cities in Spain include Madrid and Barcelona. But there one rising star in the country which is Marbella. The city is located at the coastal area is a a good place for real estate investments with the purpose of developing resorts.

MarbellaBarcelona, Spain

Marbella may be a rising star in Spain but no one could forget about Barcelona and the city remains one of the most popular in Spain. It is therefore, still a good place to invest in. The city is known for its intriguing culture of music and arts, and has been attracting visitors for several years. Real estate investments for rental properties like hotels and shopping establishments is still a good trade industry in this Spanish city.


The Caribbean is a popular destination place because of its beautiful view and relaxing beaches. Grenada is one of those Caribbean places that one should never miss out. Having said that, being able to invest in this small piece of land is a wise move to make.


Last but certainly not the least in the list is Montenegro. The country has recently been named the world’s number one tourist hotbed. The place is nice and investments are rather cheap so it is a great place to start.

montSo are you planning to start with your investment?

Which among the top ten would you prefer?

How about the city where you live in, would it make a good investment as well?

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