Decoding the Law of Attraction

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If you’ve ever grumbled about how unlucky you are, proponents of the Law of Attraction would tell you that you’re inviting the negativity. Don’t understand? Here’s a concept you should take into consideration. The Law of Attraction ideates that if you focus long and hard on something, it tends to translate into reality. Surely, you can’t sit snugly on a couch, wish for a Ferrari and have it manifest in your garage? In order to deconstruct this school of thought, one would have to explore the base of its ideology. Can we actually attract something into our lives by simply willing it? Isn’t that the content of occult books and movies? Take a look at what this law comprises of, before you develop an opinion.

LOAWhat is the core of this theory?

The belief that “Like attracts like” is the foundation on which this law is built. What it attempts to convey is that positive thoughts will open doors to positive achievements, but if you are inclined towards fearing or worrying about failure, you will encounter some impediments on your way, because your thoughts are focused on the negative.

What does it encourage?

On the bright side, since the Law of Attraction suggests that good things come to those who have good thoughts, it motivates you to be positive in life. It also nudges you into taking responsibility for your failures and successes.

Is it foolproof?

No, the theory is not entirely reliable. It deludes you into believing that all you need to do to make something happen is to think. It ignores the action involved in any consequence. Agreed, our faith and belief has a lot to do with the outcome, but the end result would not be possible without an equally impactful action.

How to live The Law of Attraction

Why is it not good for you?

The blunt answer is that believing in the Law of Attraction will make you extremely lazy. You’re going to “demand” things of the Universe, simply because you consider yourself entitled to greatness. You’re going to forget what it entails to be diligent and resolute. You will be left behind as a dreamer and not a doer.

Some people who don’t believe in this law are also wont to not accepting the concept of vision boards. Vision boards are pictorial depictions of the things you want to achieve in life. I’d suggest that you don’t throw away your vision boards. In fact, use them to propel your actions in the right direction. Every time you see an item on your vision board, take the time out to do quality work that will make your vision come true.

After all, you can visualize something to be true, but it won’t work unless you engage your efforts into making it possible. A quote by Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret comes to mind – “Instead of focusing on the world’s problems, give your attention and energy to trust, love, abundance, education and peace.” If people do not focus on global issues, there would be no way of eliminating them and paving the way for a good future. In fact, a lot of the world’s problems have to do with the lack of peace, education and abundance of resources.

Dealing with the world’s problems does not mean that bad things will happen to you. It just means that you care about a fellow human being. And that’s how the Law of Attraction cheats you. It makes you the kind of person who idly waits for success. It prevents you from being a go-getter. Go getters are the people who actively work towards achieving their goals.

LOA 2Let’s not undermine their hard work by crediting their success to a theory such as Law of Attraction. No, they did not get a promotion because of the charity they did last Thursday. They were awarded for the toil and trouble they dealt with in order to rise above. The positives and negatives we attract are beyond the purview of our limited world views. So it would serve us well to not shift the blame for our miseries onto external factors. Set aside the Law of Attraction and make full use of the resources available to you.

That way, when you succeed, you’re the only one to be merited for your gain.

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