New rule requires Doctors to treat trans patients as their pretend sex

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We can see the world in a constant change. If you take a look through the history, you might see that for the example. the homosexuality was sorted as an illness, and nowadays it is becoming completely liberal. The changes are made in every aspect of the human rights, but how far can it go?

t0Nowadays, the psychologist listed the gambling into the list of mental illnesses, instead of the homosexuality or bisexuality. It all changes, so if we look at the law and the human rights, you cannot just stand out there and not ask yourself, who decides what is normal and what isn’t? You may be worried especially if you find yourself in some of the ”endangered” group which people over the globe doesn’t sort for being a normal human being. So, yes, it all went further.

The new law is here. This law, or rule, contains the explicit definition of the gender identity which states a person. The person may claim to be female, male, neither of it or even both. Also, someone can claim for himself/herself that he/she is a combination of the two genders. Well, okay, we cannot say anyone what should they think about themselves, but this is not about it at all. Now, the opinion of person’s gender became the federal policy.

You can be both male and female, which is a pretty radical statement, and actually even impossible to know what does that really means. But it can go further, and it did. It went to that way that if a medical doctor, even based on the biological evidence, sees a male patient and want to treat him like a male, he doesn’t have that right anymore if the person for himself claims to be a female. So, the doctor must treat him as a female.

T2If the doctor refuses to do as the patient wishes, it can leave the doctor vulnerable to lawsuits or lost federal funding. It can also leave him for the federal investigation by the Office of Civil Rights. Also, the hospitals and the insurance companies face the same. This law was brought in May 2016. Yes, I know what you think, so where is the law then? We don’t see it. But don’t be so sure, let me continue. The president Barack Obama was in power then. He announced his controversial transgender school bathroom policy in the June of 2016.

After that, a somewhat more sinister mandate was finalized by the Department of Health and Human Services, also known as HHS, with consequences for the health care providers, insurance companies and also American taxpayers. All in all, yes this sounds frightening, but there is more you will hear. Let’s show it in the example. If a woman with uterine cancer comes for the operation, and the transgender person also wants the operation but just to make the fewer parts of her body to look like a man, a doctor would be called discriminatory if he chooses to operate the woman with a real and the worst problem, cancer, first. This disturbed me a lot, and I know that it disturbed you too as well. I really think that it is okay to respect everyone’s opinions, but we are now talking about the life savings and very serious problems.

If someone wants to think that he is a male, but biologically isn’t, I am fine with that, and I know that most people will say that they don’t care what someone thinks about himself/herself. But, when it comes to health and some serious issues, I cannot imagine this to be normally accepted like nothing happened!

T1How is this going to spread around the globe and how will it affect the people? In my opinion, it won’t go well. I really think that this law will need to have some changes to be accepted by everyone. Well, it is not possible anything to be accepted by everyone, but let’s say a majority of people.

Is this the end of the human rights or the new beginning?

How far we went if we are going to treat the same a person with cancer and someone who wants to change his/her genitals?

Is it some kind of a conspiracy that is fighting against the family?

A world mass destruction and anti-socialization movement?

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