China: We will be on Mars by 2020-2022

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While following the news about the space programs and innovations that happen on our globe, I was always wondering which nation will be the first one to encounter the Mars truly. If you ask me, I would say It’ll be The United States of America or the Russia, without even thinking about the other nations. But, this news I heard recently shocked me, and I believe that they will shock you too! So, the China claims that they’re building the fast-growing space program which will own the race for the Universe in the next decade!

mars-2022They’ve also said that they will reach Mars before 2020. I am so glad to be alive in these years, to see such an amazing and magic event happening! I couldn’t be more excited, and probably you too. Their government set a goal for exploring the deep space and becoming the most successful nation in exploring the Universe. They told that they will launch their first Mars probe around 2020. It will carry out to orbiting and of course exploring.

After that mission ends, they already have the another great one planned. The second mission will have to collect the surface samples from the Mars. Oh man, I would really love to be an astronaut which is getting ready to visit the red planet! I cannot even imagine how they feel now. That will be the experience for a whole life!

I hope they will give us the full evidence and all of the information they collect there. But that is not the end of their plans. They also want to visit the Jupiter and its moons. They think that they’ve built the best space technology and that their mission will change the way of thinking about the existence of all people on Earth. I think like that too.

So, what is their plan? We don’t know yet if they’re sending the real people in their space ship. It will be probably different because they’ve made a Long March-5 carrier rocket, which is dispatched from the Wenchang space launch center. It will need to operate for 92 days, by collecting the videos, photos and the evidence of the surface. If you ask me, I would gladly be a volunteer. The rocket they’ve made is the twice the capacity of their most capable current rocket, also known as the Long March 7.

china1What will be the possibility of such a high-tech rocket, we can just dream about or imagine, and of course-wait to see. They set up the serious ambitious for exploring the space and I couldn’t be happier to hear that the money is invested in the important things, such as relieving the deepest secrets of our existence. I am not suspicious about their mission at all. I know they will succeed. They have already succeeded in 2003 when they’ve staged a spacewalk and landed a rover on the moon. That is a real success.

Besides that, they have launched then a powerful space lab. The Russia and the US believe that the China will be the most successful country in the space exploration by 2030.

If they believe it, how couldn’t we?

Maybe those films we watched in the previous years where just the warning for us all what might happen?

Can you imagine what will our children find out in the future about the space and its darkest secrets?

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