The Beast-Vatican called for One World Religion

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Back in the first three centuries, persecution of Christians was widespread. However, Constantine, a Roman emperor put an end to it. He granted Christians freedom to practice Christianity in the Western Roman Empire, and eventually extended it to the East as soon as he became the ruler of the entire empire. It has been said that he was probably influence by his Christian mother, Helen.

Ultimately, Constantine was convinced that the only way to unify the Roman Empire is through Christianity. He totally left behind paganism to follow the way of Christianity. Consequently, Constantine did not settle with ancient Rome to be his capital. He moved to the East, to the city of Byzantium, and made it his capital.

christianityConstantine also renamed the city Constantinople. Now why did Constantine do so? Such decision is driven by the reality that since time began, Satan is really trying to put the world under one authority apart from God. The book of Revelations in the Bible talks about the beast, the mark of the beast and how the beast is craving for the power and authority to lay all creation under him.

The beast and the Vatican

The beast that the Bible is saying is the Vatican. The Vatican has been planning and is aggressively pushing the fulfillment of the Universal Church, the One World government with one world religion. This law will easily be implemented, so people should be vigilant and keep alert from any deception.

The Vatican has been playing with the minds of people, teaching us deceptive things and making us believe and have faith on things that are not in accordance to the Bible. We are taught to believe in science and the extra-supernatural like the UFO’s which are actually demons. All these were created to make people believe in lies. Modernists and globalists look like people that are concerned about the welfare of the people but they actually are not.

Even the priests in parish churches are not priests at all. They are just ordinary people who use religion to display their power for the sole reason of conquest. There are spiritual principalities that have the taken the world captive and place a stronghold to gain control over it. Many times, the Pope has been seen manifesting such spiritual entities. And yet, people continue to be misled and deceived, left in confusion.

We do not see the flaws and mistakes of the Vatican as well as the Roman Catholic Church because they are so good in covering up the mistakes they have made to protect their image as being innocent and pure. This is the work of Satan. He sends out his demons to do this task. But disciples of Christ have protection against such things by the Word of God. A person grounded on the Word of God is not easily swayed. They foundation is based on what we call the Sola Scriptura.

The world’s population is increasing, from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.6 billion in 2016. Five babies are born and two people die in every five seconds. In 1962, the government put a stop to teaching religious beliefs. Now, many European countries are already Islamic states. 2000 years ago, the Bible has already warned us about what is going to happen, as written in the book of Revelation.

It has been proven to be true as we approach the cashless age where we get chipped and will no longer need cash, just like what is happening in India. Just recently, India’s Prime Minister Modi has banned the circulation of the country’s currency. About 85% of the currency has stopped circulating. This financial system is based on India’s Aadhaar, a database that gives Indians their identity when they have no birth certificate to provide. It is a digital identity using 12 digits and is authenticated through a person’s retina or fingerprints. This is a way of controlling the world. And that is part of the plan of the enemy.

One World Religion

The one world religion will try to change everything that the Bible commands. It will abolish the 10 commandments to replace it with the what the new world order demands. Even the day of worship will be uniformly changes to what the new world order says.

Vatican 3The 10 commandments

The 10 commandments are already banned in public schools. It is like banning God as well. And when God is banned, Satan steps in.


Satan is the evil force on the Earth. We do not see him but he controls a huge part of our society as evident in the wicked lives that people lead. One of the deceptions that Satan has been scheming is the lie that he does not exist. If people believe that he does not exist, people will not fear evil but will continue with the evil plans in their hearts.

The false god

The enemy, Satan, has gained control over the world through the Vatican. Satan and his followers have always been at work through false religion and the Illuminati. The Illuminati will eventually put Satan onto his place. Illuminati’s plan for this to happen is not merely a coincidence or a plan that go on as long as it can. The plan has been intentionally carried out since the 1590’s and is coming until now. Other government agencies are also being tapped to serve as part of the strategy.

The FEDs and the CIAs together with the Illuminati have made people hungrier. The more people get hungry, the easier it is for them to commit crimes. One o the devices that the enemy is using is Media and Entertainment. These tools have proven themselves to be really effective when it comes to deception. We are fed with lies by watching movies and listening to music that do not give glory to God but instead to Satan.

666There is hope

Satan wants all nations most especially America to fall. He has deceived America leading the country to believe in all sorts of things and to succumb to Satanism and the new world order.


Thankfully, Satan has not been successful since the beginning of time because God has always been more powerful. There is no other god besides Him. He is the only creator, the Alpha and Omega. All things came into being through Him.


True Christians know who to follow. God has given them the discernment to be able to determine which is of God and which is not. And as a believer, it one’s responsibility to keep himself vigilant and keep themselves away from things that are deceitful.


The pope is a man who strives to rule the world. He is using religion to acquire what he wants. Yet, the pope does not worship the Only One True God. Many believe that he is a high priest and that he represents Jesus but he is not a valid priest. Many people also believe he is not just a representative of Jesus Christ but Jesus Christ Himself. This is where they are wrong because the pope is but a man. So how strong is your faith in God? Would you still be deceived by such lies? What do you think of the pope?

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