Why do you need to avoid silencing your personality in a relationship?

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Are you aware of this concept of silent personality? Well this article is going to be an adventure for you. Do you know silence is a relationship killer? What factors can be responsible for break up? Well, there are so many. You never know what comes in your way. It could be a different nature to thoughts or anything. But do you know silent personality can be one of the reasons behind break up? Over the time I’ve seen many couples struggling in their relationship and honestly that’s normal.

Couple in a moment of mutual disinterest

Romance and struggles come hand to hand in a relationship. But sometimes this struggle leads your relationship into the silent mode where either one or both partner prefers to be unspoken and trust me that’s not a good sign. Adopting the silent mode in a relationship is not a healthy pause or break in any way. In fact, it’s completely opposite. You actually need to discuss your thoughts at this point of time. No person on earth can 100% understands the other one on the base of predictions. That’s pretty obvious as we don’t have any super natural powers.

We are normal human being. You need to express, show your thoughts and even after that sometimes people don’t understand you because we are humans. But hey, that doesn’t mean you switch into mute mode. That’s not a solution. What is the meaning of relationship where you are not even able to communicate with your partner through words or body language or in anyway? I mean come on we are not robots.

We love to express, share and expect similar things to receive from the other one. Have you heard about the silent treatment? Yes, a treatment where being silent can resolve many issues or problems. You know what there is no such thing named silent treatment exists in a relationship. Just speak your heart out man! Why is silent personality so much negative in a relationship?Let’s understand some basic negative side effects of this silent personality in detail.

silence 2You are controlling your partner by this silent personality. The first thing comes to your mind when you heard the word controlling it must be a loud person with the aggressive personality. That’s true visuals. In fact, there are many other insidious ways of controlling but one thing that is common among all of them is they all are appearing.

Silence is a disappearing way of controlling which is far negative than the other one. Let me explain if you are not expressing yourself freely in a relationship than you are controlling the reactions, behavior, and response of your partner. Probably with fear of how they going to react you choose to be unspoken and there you are, controlling your partner with that killing silence.

Silence is a medium of anger

You might have heard so many times about being silent when you get angry because anger is not good for health. So true! Have you heard that being silent is a type of anger? Let me tell you, silence is the one of worst kind of anger where the other one is completely unaware about your anger. Be silent when you get angry but that doesn’t mean you silent your feelings as well.

Give your feelings a different way to come out but don’t mute them. Anger is bad but its worst when the relationship silence becomes a way of anger. Silence is not an appropriate way to express anything ever. Not even anger, love or emotion, nothing!

Silence is not healthy at all for you and your relationship.

Yes, you read it right. Silence is not healthy for you as well as your relationship. You are creating a stupid silent deadlock for yourself by this unspoken behavior. It can lead you to depression or mental trauma. Your silence is able to take away the breath of your relationship and that’s killing.

silence-in-relationshipsSilence is a self-injurious which kills your self-confidence inside (kind of worst than smoking)

What happens when you don’t let out what’s inside you? To make it clear I’m talking about feelings, emotions and all that things. As we discussed above this can leads you to depression or mental trauma. If you keep relationship aside for a while, think about yourself. People who prefer to keep silence by giving reasons like “I don’t want to fight” is reasonable in some cases.

When you shut down your thinking inside yourself, you will struggle with that within yourself and that’s worst than fight. No, we are not recommending you guys to go and fight with your partner. What we ask is not let your thoughts and perspective die inside you in name of “avoiding fight” or “saving relationship”. By this silent way, you are actually killing your relationship slowly instead of saving.

How to know that if you are the victim of this silent personality thing?

It’s easy! You need to judge yourself for this. Are you the one who always run away from serious discussion? Are you the one who express their thoughts in the diary but afraid to speak it out. If the answer is positive, you are the victim and you need a quick self-treatment soon.

How to deal with silent personality in a relationship?

If you are struggling with this thing within yourself and you already knew that then you are lucky. Just talk to your partner whenever you find it’s comfortable. If you don’t want to be part of the fight then stay calm and talk when the environment is right for the discussion. Find the right time, place and words to explain your thoughts.

I’m sure it will work better than being mute. So instead of keeping your thoughts and feeling mute try to learn the art of being heard. Having the skills of being heard is a special skill. No, you don’t need a tutor for that. Just good tone and pretty words will work.

silHow to deal with a partner having the silent personality disorder?

You are an amazing partner if you got the symptoms of this silent personality in your partner. All you need to do is talk more. Make your partner part of your discussion. If your partner is mute than off their pause button and shows them how beautiful life can be with discussions around (even with the discussions that turn into fights) seriously you can’t predict to have life without arguments. Have the arguments and turn them into one happy ending discussion.

Never put your thoughts forcefully on your partner. The relationship is all about understanding and you can’t understand each other unless you express and talk. So go ahead! At last, we recommend communicating as more as you can. Nowadays there are so many ways to connect with your partner even in long distance relationship.

So why not to take advantage of it? After reading this article we expect you understand how dangerous this silent thing can be. So it’s time to switch your mode!

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