The Corrupt Stock Market

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Simply, trading in the stock market is the non-reflex trading or return of organization stocks and their types. Stocks refer to the capital raised by a corporation by means of providing and discussing stocks. These are exchanged in a regular market just as products like coffee, sugar, wheat, and rice are exchanged in a product market. The physical or virtual (as trading may occur online) marketplace for trading stocks, on the other hand, is known as the stock exchange.

wallStock trading occurs as one offers his stocks and as the other buys them. Usually, consumers of stocks meet available markets and there they agree on the cost of the stocks. The particular stock market trading happens on an investing floor-the one usually shown on TV when information on stock market trading is reported. Here traders raise their arms, throwing alerts to each other. That auction-like picture of a regular market trading is the traditional way stocks are exchanged. It’s known as “open outcry” since the traders cry out their offers.

Stock market trading members vary from persons promoting small individual stock investment strategies to institutions trading combined investment strategies, protect resources, pension resources, common resources, etc. Big traders can be banks, insurance providers, and other huge organizations. Many individuals have damaged their lives by living to earn cash. Notice carefully that the Scriptures are speaking here to “they that will be rich”.

U.S.-Stock-MarketsMany individuals have “pierced themselves through with many sorrows” by trying to stop working early or “get ahead” in lifestyle. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, please said, the wealthy men who managed our govt and economy DON’T want us to flourish. I mean, when you have to pay for 3 houses just to buy 1, something is dreadfully wrong! When we have to keep spending into the social security program while being told repeatedly that it may not be there for us when we stop working, something is very wrong! When we observed of Enron retired persons being scammed out of their life-savings, we definitely knew something was incorrect.

The most sickening part is that the political figures in Washington condoned Enron executive’s criminal offenses by doing nothing to take legal action against them. This is because Enron made large campaign contributions to those political figures. God will judge those evil people! In light of all the corruption, govt frauds, corporate criminal offenses, deficit spending, increased taxes and so forth, and I have no desire to even try to play their activity anymore.

I have read so many website articles which speak of stocks as a fraud, but then they proceed to tell you how you can generate income by following their advice (don’t do it!). I analyzed stocks long enough to know that it’s all a big fraud. In the first position, the whole concept of a P/E rate (price-to-earnings ratio) is a joke. Everyone is scammed into spending 20, 30, sometimes even 100 times what a regular is actually worth. There is NO true value. Everyone is trained by Walls Street con men to pay unbelievable prices for a regular (because someone says it is an excellent deal). In reality, it’s a silly bet on cash swindling that has scammed out people of billions of money.

If you think about it, there is basically NO value to stocks (If you were to take all of the thousands of stocks on the various stock market transactions and average their real income together, you’d find their total value to be less than 1% of what people are actually spending for those same stocks). In other words, you are purchasing NOTHING! The community is trained by the selfish those who operate Walls Road that it is a “GOOD DEAL” to buy explains to absolutely NO EARNINGS. This is absurd!

People foolishly buy into these can be found. These selfish and ungodly Walls Street criminals (especially the bankers) have created a system of smoke and mirrors over time that utilizes a series of economic and government authorities reports to operate claimed: “sentimental value” of stocks. They also use any community information release available to rationalize a market shift. I’ve observed every excuse you can imagine for stocks going up or down.

corrupt 1Wall Street said on one particular day that stocks went down for fear that the Iraqi Freedom war would take longer than expected. The next day they stated, stocks went up because Saddam Hussein was missing (thinking he was dead). It’s absolutely outrageous to think that people are outrageous and naive enough to believe these can be found…but they soak it up!!! Where do you think the press gets their information on the stock market? They get their information from Walls Street’s crooks!

The rule of Walls Road is simple: Those who management Walls Road will do no matter what (even a radical shift if need be) to ensure that 95% of people lose their cash. I’ve seen bad explains to NO income increase sky-high on no information at all. I’ve also seen excellent organization stocks go south for fantastic information. I recall recently that Harley Davidson published their best income ever and the stock tanked over $5 in one day.

Can you say scam? I remember reading the world wide web information on IBM a couple decades back, the stock had hopped up like $15 in one day because of a dozen fantastic reports released on the world wide web. No joking, the next day the stock tanked over $10 and reliable information was nothing but the sky-is-falling for IBM.

What had changed overnight? Nothing, not one smelling thing.


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