Barcelona Terror Attacks

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Does watching the news make you feel anxious? Do you have a feeling that the world has never been less safe than today? I may say that in am not really sure about that because when we look through the past, we can see a lot of wars, crimes, murders, catastrophes etc. It is true, certainly, that something is going on in the Europe lately. Many terror attacks which at first sight doesn’t look like they’re coming from the terrorist, but at the end, the conclusion is the same – yes, we’re hit with so many terror attacks lately! They’re attacking the hearts of the countries. This time, it’s all happening in Barcelona.

barcelona 2Spain has experienced the most violent days lately. There were approximately 100 people injured and 13 people dead. The Spain investigation police came to a conclusion that the attack was connected with two previous ones that also happened almost at the same time. First, there was a terror incident in the seaside of Cambrils (city), and after that, a house explosion happened in Alcanar. These terror attacks are connected all with ISIS taking their credit. Besides those attacks we mentioned, the two police officers were also hurt, hit by a car.

The Spain claims that for this one incident they’re not sure it’s connected to ISIS organization. But the previous ones we mentioned are totally connected to ”jihadi terrorism”. Don’t get me wrong, the Spain didn’t assume ISIS just like that. After a long investigation, they found the evidence and the suspects who are responsible for these terrible actions. The one suspect is from Morocco and the other one Spain (Melilla). Besides those two, the third suspect is still unknown and escaped the police. I would love to say that this is all that happened, but unfortunately, there is more.

barcelonaThere was another attack which happened 115 kilometers to the southwest. There were six innocent civilians badly injured and a police officer. In this attack, the other five terrorists which were suspects from earlier died. So, it is obvious that all of the happenings are connected to the ”jihadi terrorism”. This horror goes one. Another person was killed in an explosion at a house. It happened in Alcanar, southwest of Barcelona.

The police investigation came to a conclusion that all of these horrible events can be connected to almost the same group of people. Of course, ISIS said that they cannot take the responsibility for the events and claim not to be involved.

barcelona 2 2Last year we saw many other European countries experienced the same kinds of terrorist attacks. It is just a matter of time when and where will those happen again. The investigation team thinks that it is all well-planned.

That makes me even more scared. Who knows how many innocent people will die in the future by the hands of the same terrorists?

The European investigation team is working on this case hard because it is a great danger for the citizens and also the police officers. What are the proper precaution measures that could be taken? I think that the world together should work on those. Not one innocent life should suffer any harm.


Why would we live in fear? We need to prepare ourselves and give the right information to the people around the globe.

What is going to happen with Europe?

Will Europeans have the possibility to feel safe again, like before?

What are their plans?

How strong is our investigation team?

I hope for the best!

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