Did Russia Found An Entire City Under Water?

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I am very excited about this theme, so I really don’t know from where to start. I want to tell you all at the same time! I know it is not possible, so I will try to start from the very beginning. There is the news that goes on the web, writing about how Russian scientist discovered a bacteria, which is not known to a human race. This bacteria has never ever seen before!

RussianAs you can guess by the title, it was discovered under the water. Those depths keep some secrets. Secrets unknown to the mankind. These newly discovered life forms have sealed off for 14 million years! They’ve sealed in a subglacial lake, which is deep under the Antartic ice. The Russian scientist said that it may provide a glimpse of the planet, something that existed before the Ice Age happened. It also may lead to mystirous questions about life forms from the other planets or the long forgotten Atlantis.

We can just sit and wait to hear the rest of the story. I hope it won’t take them to long to figure it all out. So, let’s continue. The DNA of the found bacteria doesn’t match with the any known species to human’s database. You can think about it in this term-if they found a new bacteria on Mars, which also doesn’t match with any DNA from the world’s database, then you can be sure that there is the life on Mars. But, the mystery is not about that, it is all about the unknown bacteria’s DNA found on Earth!

Okay, enough with the bacteria, because we have much more to share with you, which may excite you and frighten you at the same time! When the Russian scientist went down into the water, they captured the pictures that no one could ever expect! They saw a creation and a construction which cannot be realized under the water. Of course, why would anyone build the city under the water, we cannot breathe there, right? The oceans are still the unknown places for the human race.

We cannot reach to the darkest depths that easily. That’s why we’re frightened of those dark paths. No one knows what really lies there. Maybe a new source of life? Another form of life coming from the other planets? As you probably know, the story of the city Atlantis is known as a legend or a myth. But how can we really be sure about anything? We weren’t there to witness it. No one could write about it from his/her experience. People didn’t write in those times, right? Or they did write, but something we cannot understand. We don’t know anything still. And yes, that is disappointing.

russiaBut the technology is rising every day and everything is being improved, the humanity is now researching the whole universe and trying to answer our deepest questions. Where do we come from? Who are our ancestors? Who created us?From my personal opinion, when these questions will be answered, there will be a real chaos in the world. What about the religions then? What is our life purpose? Are we just an experiment?

The human civilization today think that we’re the best version of the human being that ever excisted. We’re smart, we have the high-tech technology, we use various languages to talk to each other and achieve the longest life span ever seen. But, that is just what we think and we know. Is that really true? What do we know about the ancient civilizations really?

The Atlantis the Russian scientist saw is an incredible spectacle! Knowing that the previous civilizations lived on this planet, and were absolutely different from us (the different DNA), can make me tremble.

Also, I could be more curious how this discovery will end! I want to know all about it, and I can hardly imagine that you don’t want to hear every single detail of it, too.

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