New Law: 13 Things You Should Never Pack

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We often hear the phrase, “travel light”; and it has always been extremely helpful. But what does it mean to travel light? What are the things that you should and should not bring? Here are some things that will help us decide what to bring or not bring.

Reading materials

Reading materials now come in many forms. You can read news articles or features in magazines straight from a mobile device, or read novels from a book. But if you can read them all using a mobile device, why not leave your books and magazines behind and use your mobile device instead?

Travel 1Books and magazines take a huge space of your luggage. Mobile devices, on the other hand, are light and can easily be kept in your luggage without having to take up too much space.

Various outfits

It would be nice to bring along a variety of outfits for your trip so you could take nice pictures with your outfit of the day with a beautiful background at the back. However, different outfits would take up a lot of space in your luggage. And the truth is, you only get to use half of those.

Travel 2For long trips, maybe you can prefer to bring along just three pairs of tops and bottoms and try to mix them and match them. Should you need more, you can opt to find a laundry shop on the road.

Too much denim

One of the most preferred outfit to bring on travels is the denim because it is comfortable and hides stains quite well. They however, take up a huge amount of space, not to mention heavy.

Travel 3It would be wiser if you keep them in your wardrobe instead and choose to bring along two pairs of denim and some light fabrics like leggings or jeggings.


Keep in mind that hotels have a supply of soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion for their guests. You can instead leave your own set of toiletries at home and make use of what the hotel provides. These things are small but if you carry along small things they make a cluster of clutter in your luggage and take up space.

Travel 4
Take advantage of what the hotel offers because you paid for them too. There are even other hotels that provide toothpaste, toothbrush, hygiene products as well as sewing kits. All you do is ask.

Makeup kit

You are on a trip and not joining a pageant so a complete set of makeup will not be necessary.

Travel 5Choose to bring those products which you know you will be using everyday. If you still cannot live without a kit, find those that come in travel-size.

Styling products

Aside from the makeup set, hair styling products are not necessary as well. Tools such as the hair blower and curling iron is best left at home because they take up a lot of space and may not be necessary during the trip. Some hotels have hair dryer. You can ask to confirm.

Travel 6Electronic devices

You can bring electronic devices but you do not need to bring more than two devices unless you are on a business trip. If you could bring your iPad or tablet, then perhaps you can leave your laptop behind.

Travel 7Otherwise, you might not only use a lot of your luggage space but you might waste some precious time with your device instead of spending that time enjoying your vacation.

Fancy accessories

Accessories are also not a must for traveling. They are even discouraged because they are attractive not only to you but to pickpockets. Accessories may also be small but several accessories can take up space. It would be wise to leave them behind instead.

Travel 8Food

A snack on a plane is okay but you do not need to bring with you a whole stock of food. They will only take up space. Plus, if you brought with you your own food, how can you enjoy local food in the place where you will be visiting?

travel 9Extra beddings and towels

Some people prefer using their own sheets and towels. They feel uncomfortable using other stuff than theirs. Well, it’s time to learn to change that. Hotels provide guests their own towels and sheets. If you bring yours, it could get your luggage stuffed up. So, for this, you can just live it all to the hotel.

Travel 10Unnecessary shoes

Shoes are bulky and heavy. It would be better to leave some to free up some space in your luggage. Some people, though fear that the shoes they wear may not be appropriate for the travel. In this case, you can learn to choose well what you need to bring. Choose the shoes which are versatile and which you can use in any style.

Travel 11The emergency gear

You do not need an emergency kit. What do these include? It includes the rain gear, umbrella, or boots. You won’t be using them anyway. Leave them behind. That would be wise.

Travel 12Mobile devices

Mobile devices are allowed. However, there is one mobile device that cannot be allowed onboard. Since October 15, 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned from flying because of risk of fire. So if you have one, better leave the Note 7 behind.

Travel 13

Are you planning on a trip?

Are you ready to leave behind some stuff?

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