Does Sex really count as an Exercise?

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I would like to start this clearly, as you surely already know, you won’t do sex just because of burning calories. Am I right? Of course, I am. You do it because you enjoy it, you love your partner, you love the intimacy and you enjoy the tendance. Besides, being active while having sex, you put your hormones in the order and it makes you more beautiful.

s1Your skin glows, your lips are plump and turn red and so on. But, let’s see does sex really can count as an exercise? It depends. The experts from this area claim that there are various of kinds of sex and intimacy, and of course, it also depends on the activity of each partner. Remember yourself as a teenager that could kiss for about an hour? Yes, that burnt you 68 calories. But, to be honest, who of adults kiss for a half an hour? Probably no one.

Undressing burns about 8+ calories total. The best way to increase the dose of the calories burnt for women is to wear corsets. Just kidding. But you got the point. If it’s winter, you’ll burn 10 calories. If you’re into the massage, it can be a great bonus for your fitness goal body! It burns about 90 calories per hour.

s1Okay, we will now stop going around and look at the right point. Sex, by itself, can burn approximately 150 calories per half an hour. It is well known that the average sex time is about 5-15 minutes, but if you’re creative and change poses regularly, it can last. This is not the same for every position, as you can possibly guess by yourself.

The missionary pose, which is ”most famous”, burns about 60 calories for women, and 100 calories for men. For about an hour. That’s a long period of time. The best positions for burning calories and those that can really activate your muscles are ones where you stand. Besides standing, the women on the top is the recommended pose for activating your glutes and leg muscles. For men, holding your partner while your standing is the best workout for your biceps. Of course, it also depends on the body weight. If your beloved one has 50kg, then just forget about toning your body and enjoy the moment.

kissWhat about the oral sex? The expert says giving oral sex burns 100 calories per half an hour. Okay, then, you burnt 50, if we look at the regular people and their sexual behaviors. I don’t want to forget the single ones because I don’t like to leave out any case. Using your hands burn approximately 100 calories per hour. Okay, this is really possible to achieve, especially if you’re single for a while and this is your daily habit.

You can get saturated from porn quickly, so this assertion is really valid. Okay, now we’re coming to the special occasion nights. You want to surprise your partner and make him something special for the evening. Maybe it’s your anniversary, maybe it’s his birthday, or her, I don’t like to be exclusive. You prepared a dance. Okay, let’s see.

Dancing by itself is a great workout both for the body and the soul. If you’re going to dance for about half an hour for your beloved one, you will burn about 110 calories. If you’re creative, maybe even 150. Your glass of milk you had that day is gone.

Congratulations! Sorry for my humorous way of writing, I just want to entertain you, because the topic itself is really entertaining.

s22Excuse me, but we forget about one great thing, that has so much value-making out! All women will agree. You will be surprised, but making out burns about 250 calories for a half an hour. Yes, ladies, you don’t need to thank me, your men will start to make out more before the sex itself actually begins.

All in all, it’s a great thing to make love. Yes, sex can count as an exercise. You just need to do it on regular basis, and to stay creative. Try different poses, make out more, kiss more and don’t eat that chocolate after the sex is gone. In that case, the sex will help you to stay in shape and transform your body to the limit you are dreaming about.

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