What is happening to Katy Perry

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Katherine Elizabeth Hudson, popularly known as Katy Perry is for a fact one of the biggest pop stars on earth. Having started pursuing a career as a musician as a teenager, it has seemed that nothing would go wrong, every song she released turned out to be a hit maker in the industry. In fact, the celebrated pop star has released songs that have ranked as NO. 1 singles nine times throughout the period she has been in the limelight.

Katy 1Her sales have been high too! Her sales outrank those of Adele, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and even Lady Gaga. Evidently, while the success is perfect for her, it has apparently dealt her an enormous amount of pressure and stress. She has even openly admitted to not being happy with her current self.

Early Life and Career

Well, in case you did not know, Katy Perry is the daughter of Pentecostal pastors Mary Christine and Maurice Keith. Her parents have been said be saved after a “wild youth.” This should explain the fact that, as a teenager, Katy started her music career as a Gospel Musician in 2001 having signed a deal with Red Hill records.

As a teenager, she has been described as being more of a tomboy due to her interest in skateboarding, roller-skating, and surfing. She also took some lessons in dancing and learned to Lindy, Litterbug, Hop, and swing. Katy Perry’s first album, which she released in March 2001, under her real name was commercially unsuccessful.

After Red Hill ceased operations, started out her secular music career by signing a recording contract with Capitol Records in April 2007. She then rose to fame with her first hit single in 2008 “I kissed a girl.”

Secular Music Career

Her inception into the secular world was the beginning of her troubles. Right from the release of her first song, “I kissed a girl.” The song sparked controversy due to the high Sapphic themes being portrayed in the song. This included scenes of female homosexuality (lesbianism) which is a symbol to Sappho.

Katy-Perry 1The controversy created by the song “I kissed a girl was among both religious groups and the LGBT. The religious groups were sharply criticizing the Sapphic themes in it while the LGBT was accusing her of using bi-curiosity to sell her song. Well, although she started off in a rather rough way, her fame has been rising exponentially. Sadly, also, her troubles have been growing exponentially. She even had to go through a divorce in December 2011 from her ex-husband, Russell Brand, after which she sang the song “Part of me.” The song is full of emotion.

True to her confession that she gets most of the inspiration for her songs from her life. In a live interview, she has even admitted to wanting to end her life during the lowest moments of her life through suicide. “It’s hard cos I feel ashamed that I would even have those thoughts. You know, I feel that low or that depressed.” It is worth noting the suicide rate of working in the secular music is twice that of the general public. Katy Perry, during the 2016 elections was quite a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. After Clinton had lost the elections, Katy shaved her hair short and to add up to her new look, dyed it peroxide blonde. Does this ring any bells? Well, she says she wishes to be her real self.

Cutting her hair short could be a sign of reclaiming her authentic self, albeit a cry for help. She said, “I so badly want to look like Katherine Hudson that I don’t want to look like Katy Perry anymore sometimes.” This year, she has released her fifth studio album, “Witness” which has not been received quite well. Furthermore, her two singles released this year, “Bon Appétit” and “Swish Swish” have both made headlines for different reasons. “Bon appetite” was a poorly received song in which she performed with the rap trio Migos at the SNL.

katy-perry-pixieThe other, “Swish Swish” is mostly regarded as a “diss track” meant to target none other than Taylor Swift. This is to say that it is evident that Katy Perry is having a rough time in 2017 and the way she has been behaving makes it downright bizarre! In fact, several news outlets have written articles about how terrible her recent songs are. For instance, Forbes ran a piece “Things Really Aren’t Going Well for Katy Perry This Time Around.” However, we cannot deny the fact that she is as talented as she is deserving of her current spot in the cultural zeitgeist. Well, let us hope to she finds herself and makes a comeback real soon.

Could this be an end to her musical career?

Should she turn back and go back to her former gospel music career?

Or should she just reinvent her image?

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