Gospel Music Vs Secular Music

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Music is part of our everyday life. We play it when we go to work, when we are sad, or even when we are happy. Well, there is perfect music for every moment of our lives. After all, good music has a way of lifting our spirits and bringing out a great mood in us. However, I don’t know if at times we stop and think of the kind of music we listen to and how it affects our lives.

How many times do you reflect on the meaning of the words you so passionately sing along, in that great piece of music you like?

If you adore gospel music, what are the qualities of the writer of the song?

Do you know the meaning of the song?

I am therefore sure you will agree when I say that, music that is meant to be of a gospel genre should have certain characteristics that Christians can identify with. And the artist said to be singing gospel music should have certain qualities that portray that they believe what they are singing and are not talented people trying to get a footing in the music industry through gospel music. This, therefore, means that one cannot purport to be a gospel musician yet all they do and sing is similar to that which the secular artists do. 

GospmusicToday, the sad reality is that many secular artists, if not all, have embraced Satan and his evil plans. Through the music which these secular artists compose, they have helped advance the powerful influence of Satan’s demonic agents in the world. They have awakened the spirit of rebellion and sin that saw Satan and his evil angels cast out of heaven. This simply means, when an artist decides to sing secular music they further Satan’s plans and when they sing Gospel music, they should do so knowing that they are helping advance the course of God. Therefore, there can never be a middle ground at any given time. To say that one is singing a song in collaboration with a secular artist is a perverted Christianity.

In fact, when a gospel artist joins forces with a secular artist, they work against God! Simple as that! Because of the union between some secular artists and gospel artists, the secular music industry now claims salvation! They feel that they are okay with God. They are led into believing this by the greediness of gospel artists who desire to mix and mingle with them when in reality they are serving their lusts. Through perversion of gospel music, they are now defiling the minds of the youth everywhere.

To make matters worse, Christians are giving them their stamp of approval by recording with them, working with them, singing and performing with them. I never thought that it could happen, but it is happening! Christians have begun to not only listen to and purchase this corrupt music but also welcomed these secular artists into the Gospel and Christian music industry. Remember, Christian music is worth about 6% of 14 plus billion dollars of the music revenue. Hence, it is a significant part of the industry. We believe that gospel music can attract the world without corrupting it by the use of secular artists.

beyonceAll the world needs is a gospel message of hope free from the influence of the secular industry. It should not be us taking the identity of the world to appeal to the world. In the history of music, there have been many composers who have tried to merge the sacred gospel music and the profane music of the world. One such well-known writer is Thomas Dorsey. In the early 1930s, Dorsey came up with gospel music which was a fusion of secular blues and African-American religious music.

Popularly known for songs such as “Georgia Tom,” he is known for partnering with secular bands such as the Wild Cats Jazz band led by artist Ma Rainey. He is a real example of talented people who have tried to corrupt the true gospel music. However, some of his music was rejected by some mainstream churches. The pastors just didn’t like the music at all; they believed he was more of a secular artist and therefore, could not profess to sing gospel music.

Today, there are many artists out there singing secular music yet they started out as gospel music. Once they get their breakthrough in the industry, they forsake all knowledge of God altogether. Just look at R Kelly, Katy Perry. Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Usher, the list is endless. All these were once great gospel artists, but they compromised their faith in God just because of fame and money.

Well, it is true that it is difficult for the gospel artists to disassociate themselves completely from the secular world. This is because even the major recording companies are controlled by the world. This includes companies like Sony Entertainment, who have also acquired RCA records which record inspirational gospel music.

GospmusiccWe should also note that music is spiritual. It can be for God’s purpose or against God’s purpose. It is upon us to choose whose side we want to be by the music we listen to. If we decide to listen to gospel music, we identify with Jesus Christ. If we listen to secular music, we are at risk of falling into Satan’s plans and hence, be God’s enemies.

What kind of music do you enjoy?

Are you purposing to change and listen to gospel music?

What better ways should we use music to outreach to the world?

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