Fake Gospel Musicians Deceiving the church

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God knows that none of us is perfect, but He expects us to keep trying to achieve holiness by standing out from the world. Not by our strength but, through the power of the Holy Spirit. However, it is quite perturbing that men have turned a blind eye on the glory and holiness of God and have chosen to go against His will. People have become as ungrateful children who bite on the hands that feed them! The level of thoughtlessness that has become of us is unbelievable.

People today cannot even tell the difference between the Holy and profane! Can you even believe that Snoop Dogg of all people is releasing a gospel album? Remember, Snoop Dogg has been in the past been linked to allegations of having sold his soul to the devil. He explicitly revealed this in his video, “Murder was the case.” In the video, we see that when faced with death, Snoop Dogg agrees without hesitation to sell his soul to the Devil and in return, he is promised a better life. In the video, he is told, “I’ll make your life better than you can imagine or ever dreamed of. So relax your soul, let me take control.

SnoopDoggClose your eyes, my son.” So, to say he is now changing sides to sing a Christian song is utter maliciousness. In a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio, Snoop Dogg revealed that he has always wanted to do a gospel project for a while now. He said that, although he had never got around to it, it felt like now is the right time to actualize the project.

Well, I know what you are thinking. This is insane! How can a self-professed follower of Satan now be spreading the gospel? Well, as the years go by, the evil tendencies of the secular music industry have slowly been adopted in the gospel music industry. Also, greed for money and fame are the primary motivations for making music these days. Such that today, musicians would rather make music for money, rather than make music that glorifies God.

Today’s musicians would even go as far as befriending and collaborating with the musicians of the world in a bid to make their music sell more. Take, for example, Lecrae: he has been singing Christian hip hop and has been doing quite well. With a huge chunk of Christian hip hop lovers all forming his fan base, he is considered one of the most successful Christian artists of our time. He even topped the 200 billboards back in 2014 with his album “Anomaly.”

LecraeHowever, it now seems that Lecrae wants more. It appears that greed for more money and fame has overtaken his need to serve God to the extent that he now makes music with secular artists. In a recent interview with a media outlet, Lecrae confessed that he is befriending the industry and the world as a way of opening up to a wider audience. Well, all I can say is that Lecrae is a sellout, he desires and yearns man’s approval!

As the Bible rightly puts it, “By their fruit, you will know them,” that’s not judging, that’s calling the sin for what it is! Evidently, he has never been truly a Christian rapper. He has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing from the beginning. He has been God’s foe all this while, as the bible says, “friendship with the world is enmity with God.” Musicians like Lecrae today have indeed fallen far away from the path that God intended for them. Get a copy today’s music videos by and you might be utterly disgusted by the nudity in these videos. And these are the people Lecrae wants to befriend?

The dance moves the worldly people have today reflects sheer madness. These dance moves have even gotten into our churches. The sad thing is that, in church, people will do all these evil things in the name of praising God. Twerking in the name of Jesus? Wow! Where did they get this from? Is it in the Bible? Definitely NO! It just goes to show you; these days’ people believe they can do just about anything “in Jesus’ Name” and it’s all OK. Good grief! Well, the actions by Lecrae should come as no real surprise. It seems many artists get just use Christian music as a stepping stone to fame.

344Once they get their “come up,” they abandon all knowledge of God altogether. Take a look at musicians like Katy Perry. Beyoncé, Whitney Houston -Elvis, Dolly Parton-Chaka, Michael Bolton, Kenny Rodgers, Usher, the list is endless. All these musicians were once role models for many youths. They have now compromised their faith in God because of money and fame! They have become agents of the devil. Through their music, they have advanced profane themes such as the love of the world, the lusts of the flesh, idolizing money, objectifying beautiful women through nearly women dancers in their videos, drugs, and fame.

These are not themes any Christian in their right mind would even want to be associated with. Indeed, some of the modern day Christian artists are losing their way. As Christians, they ought to have known better. They have fallen into Satan’s trap, and they will be used as agents of deception for the coming generation.

Will you Buy Music from such Fake Gospel Musicians?

Will you allow yourself to fall into their trap?

Are you OK with the profanity in these music videos and some Churches?

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