The Revolution against God

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Our world today is quickly turning into an immensely evil place: a sure indication that the time of the end is upon us. The occurrences in this world have left me wondering how people quickly forget that God is the true giver and sustainer of life. In the name of going modern and hi-tech, people have trampled on our creator’s name with no due regard to His grace for us. Even through our technology, our evil ways have been reflected.

scienceWe started out in such a subtle way as believing in evolution as our origin. We are so eager to believe that we came from monkey rather than being created by our almighty God. Well, believing in evolution only means that we do not believe there was anything supernatural about our creation and that there is no God. And now apart from advocating for evolution, we have decided to play a part in the evolution ourselves through trans-humanism. How about that!

In trans-humanism, we have decided to try to make humans evolve into superior beings through science and technology. Raymond Kurzweil an author, computer scientist and chief futurist at Google is commonly known for his knack when it comes to predicting the pace of technological advancements and the future of tech industries as we know them today. According to him, the singularity, which is the point when humans will be able to transcend the biological constraints and attain the ability to live eternally.

We have actually seen some organizations around the world, such as Google, studying the DNA that controls aging in a bid to understand death. However, Kurzweil and his fellow futurists and technology experts should realize that seeking solace in technology, instead of God is a sure way to being doom as a nation.

Google vs GodTechnology cannot and will not bring salvation to men. Not now, not ever. God is our creator; He alone can bring us salvation by His grace. Thinking otherwise would be a sure way to agreeing with the plans of Satan. The rate at which things which were previously perceived as being so evil are being accepted today is quite alarming. For instance, the freedom of people to be bisexual, something that the bible considers an abomination before the eyes of God.

A man shall not lie with another man, the Bible says. How then is it that we are allowing our children to be gay or lesbian? How can we brand them as brave for “coming out” while we know that it is not right? The moral degradation in our society is reaching levels that even our forefathers would be amazed were they to behold them. We have moved so far away from the right that even forgot to teach our children the ways that are right according to God. This is evident as many millennials of this age do not even believe in Christianity. This generation has seen the rise of atheists and polytheists in a formally mainly Christian society compared to the previous generations.

Many of the Millennials perceive Christianity as being judgmental and being an organization that works towards denying them their freedoms and rights. But why is this? Research done by various experts’ points to the following five main reasons:

-The church around the world has all lost their former influence in society. Today the need for a neighborhood church is becoming a thing of the past. And since no one is there to remind the people, the rate of abandoning the church is great.

-The society has also become so tolerant with worldly behavior. Today people are at liberty to hold their own truths and nobody is allowed to question them. For example, if a person decides to be homosexual and they believe that they are right, not even their own parent has the moral obligation to question them. “Tolerance” today simply mean, “my truth is, well, my truth.” This has been ingrained even in our children that it has become impossible to criticize immoral behavior without backlash.

-The rise of a trend called “atheism” is also another contributor to the Millennials rebellion. The society today has made the unbelief of the worldly people to seem so cool. With much of congratulatory swagger and blasphemous boldness, we have gratified the concept of atheism that it has become normal in our society.

Atheism1-Absence spiritual legitimacy among the grown-ups. A greater number of young people have no morally upright adults whom they look up to. Nowadays adults who should be acting as role models are not even aware what they believe in, why they believe it and are not even dedicated to living according to their beliefs.

Well, our society today has become so rebellious as that at the tower of Babel and at the height of our pride and arrogance, doom shall surely come.

Do you think technology would save us?

Will the ever so vocal advocate of social justice advocate for us when our time of doom comes?

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