Google on a mission to remedy aging

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Have you ever wondered what makes us grow old? Or what awaits us after we get old? It’s quite difficult to predict when we will draw our last breath. However, we have the hope that it won’t occur until we are aged. Many have been the attempts to study the concept of aging and immortality of men.

agingGoogle is the latest company to join in the search for a solution to the aging of man. The recent attempt by Google comes after efforts by some researchers to study the theory of aging of human beings. Google scientists are striving to figure out what our DNA can reveal to us about how and why we get old.

Well, I am sure you might think that is a classic fabrication conjured straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. However, not known to many is the fact that, technological advancements have even been used to control human growth and development. For example, the improvements in areas such as gene therapy and cloning of organisms and organs from simple cells and DNA. It is worth noting that, in the last century, the mortality rate has considerably reduced through the use of modern medication. This forms the basis of the promise of making lifespan longer for man.

How Google’s Technology Works

Google scientists claim they are getting closer to figuring out how to use particular genes to help people live longer. In a recent alliance that will try to provide a solution through some of its genetic information, the genealogy organization, Ancestry, which assists you to trace your family’s history recently inaugurated a personal genetic branch known as the Ancestry DNA.

DNAAncestry will work in close partnership with Google’s Calico, a biotechnology company dedicated to discovering how to increase our lifespan. Calico’s openly declared mission is to figure out how to curb aging, though they haven’t been precise about what it entails. Their latest attempt includes uniting with drug companies and universities that major in obtaining cures and medications for the neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. They further declared that Ancestry is one of the companies they will be collaborating with since they have access to more than one million sets of DNA.

However, ancient studies have linked individual behaviors i.e. extroversion to a longer lifespan. However, the study into genetics has been less precise. So far, research has insinuated that some features of longer lifespan are inherent in the family. But the genetics is just one attribute of extended lifespan, with environmental conditions and lifestyle choices playing a bigger part.

Is Google right in its mission to solve the aging problem?

Well, I am sure that some of us might think that the thought of having anti-aging technology is a grand idea. However, you should keep in mind the implication of such attempts. When man fell in the Garden of Eden, one of the consequences of his transgressions was death. Sin was the beginning of aging, disease and all the misery we can think of today. At the beginning of time, God created perfect human beings in His image and likeness.

Google 2It is such a shame that we are trying to “Play God” with the use of technology. We are in a way even mocking God when we say we want to live forever, yet we know that it is our sins that cause us to grow old and die. We are mocking God in the technologies such as the designer babies, a technology that involves developmental modification. Furthermore, genetic engineering relies mainly on science and technology. Although some may think that it will help relieve us from all those problems associated with old age, there are still many concerns about the harm that it will have on humans.

The concerns are:

Many genetic modifications procedures once done cannot be undone. Once you are subjected to them, you will never be the same again.

It is almost impossible to accurately predict the reaction of the host’s body towards the introduction of these anti-aging medications.

There is always the possibility that something might go wrong during the procedure.

Finally, the fact that people would not be aging would cause disparity in the employment sectors as workers would not be retiring. In fact, with people not aging, the concept of retirement would be abstract. This would mean that the unemployment rate in many parts of the world would soar high.

Would you like to try out this anti-aging procedure, should Google successfully create them?

What if something goes wrong due to these anti-aging mission by Google?

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