The dangers of charging cell phones and other devices under pillows or beds

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In recent times, the ordinary mobile phone battery doesn’t last long as in the past. Due to this, many people find it appropriate to charge their phones when they are apparently not using them to communicate with friends, family, catch up on the latest news or even share experiences on social media platforms.

Logically, we’ll prefer to charge them at night when we are sleeping. Sounds wise, right? And no one wants to hear something as “indispensable” as your mobile device can cause severe damage to your well-being, although that’s precisely what mounting proof tells us we’re encountered with.

Mobile-Phone-and-BrainIt is very dangerous to leave your mobile phone charging overnight, especially when it’s under your pillow. Several surveys have been conducted that reveal that 63 percent of mobile users between the age of 18 and 29 essentially sleep with their cell phones in their beds. Wireless cell phones expose us to all sorts of health complications, from headaches to brain tumors.

The connection between brain cancer and mobile phones use is specifically an obstinate one, and study has proved it to be a stronger link. And it’s not the reality that we find it convenient to charge our phones at night that should worry us, but where we are putting when while charging. Here is a brief preview of what you might be exposing yourself to that you should really think about next time you want to charge your cell phone overnight:

Fire hazard

Also, charging of a cell phone for a prolonged time period has been linked to causing fire hazards as the batteries are likely to heat up. Charging a mobile phone overnight risks reducing the service life of its battery. This is because normally a battery should not be charged all the way to 100% which is what we actually do.

d3Chronic deprivation of sleep

Experts have cautioned this addiction to mobile phone use as the cause of not enough quality sleep which is detrimental to health. Scientists have revealed that our chronic sleep deprivation is connected to cell phones being allowed in our beds. The blue light released from cell phones stimulates arousing neurons within the brain, making it difficult for us to fall asleep. This, in turn, interferes with the production of sleep- inducing hormone, melatonin. They have also over time warned us that insufficient sleep can lead to enfeebled immune system and high risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Finally, it can make a person more vulnerable to mental health complications i.e. anxiety, depression and lessened fertility in both and women.

Exposure to harmful radiation

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiations emitted by cell phones destroy the body cells and DNA by provoking a cellular stress response. Studies reveal that DNA structure is very susceptible to electromagnetic fields because it acquires the same features as the fractal antenna and these two features permit a greater response of DNA to radiations than other tissues.

D4Also, mobile phone radiation activates the brain cells to metabolize glucose at an increased rate and this affects the normal functioning of the brain.

Brain cancer

Researchers have discovered that people who begin using mobile phones greatly before age 20 are five more likely to have brain cancer called glioma in their late 20’s as opposed to those with minimal exposure. Also, the frequent use of mobile phone can cause acoustic neuromas, which is also a type of brain tumor. When we contemplate on the fact that our body is bio-electric, it’s simpler to appreciate how and why biological injury from wireless phones might occur.

Further experiments and extensive studies show that those who spent many hours on the cell phone are as twice likely to develop brain tumors as opposed to those who minimize on their use. And 3G cell phones have been ranked to cause more danger than earlier models, increasing the risk of brain cancer four-fold.

Sleeping-with-a-cell-phoneIt also seems to have a short latency period i.e. 10 years as compared to 25 years of older models. In conclusion, we can all agree that advancements in technology are gradually becoming more dangerous. So, we all ought to arouse the precautionary attitude with regards to our cell phone usage, not forgetting other wireless technologies.

Parents also should take it a responsibility to ensure their children are not exposed to these dangerous devices.

Is technology really making our lives better?

For how long are we going to be careless with our lives?

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