Knowing The Signs That He Is Not The One

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Relationships take a lot of effort and time. If you are not sure whether you are with the right guy or not, then stop wasting your precious effort and time. If you can know the signs if he is the wrong one, then why not? Perhaps, then, you could save yourself some time and effort.

Showing disrespect

The first thing you need to watch out for is his treatment towards you. Some guys tend to lord over their partners to the point that they see their partners as objects rather than subjects of love. This makes them feel overly possessive towards their partners. So instead of treating their ladies as partners, they treat them as possessions. If you notice your guy being possessive over you like you are some sort of object, better think twice about him. You might just be wasting your time on him. Respect is the key to a lasting relationship.

coupleTime Availability and Space

It has always been said that love can be spelled out as T-I-M-E. If your guy cannot give time to you, then what makes you think you can give it to him? Many lovers want to always spend time with each other. However, space is also important. You both need to give each other time for each of yourselves, time for friends and time for your individual families. Otherwise, you could get caught up in a trap that you can’t get out of.

Having other priorities

If he cannot have you on the top of his list, then he does not deserve to be your priority as well. This does not mean that he is obligated to spend time with you all the time, but this simply refers to the choices he makes. Can he put off his basketball game to pick you up from work? Can he put off his video games to call you when you need someone to talk to? Can he skip being with friends just to be there for you when you need him? If he can, then he is. If not, then he is not.

Secret lover

Never mistake secrecy as privacy. If he keeps asking you not to tell anyone about your relationship, nor keeps meeting you in secret, that is not the relationship for you. He might say that he wants to keep your relationship private but privacy is not secrecy.

Cheating1Frequent lying

We all have little white lies. However, if your guy has got that habit of telling lies most especially about where he has been, who he has been with, or anything that would hurt you, then you probably might just be wasting your time on this guy. Honesty has always been the best policy. It might sometimes hurt but it pays to be honest.

Fault finder and blame shifter

There is always disagreements and arguments in every relationship. But whether it’s your fault or his, if each of you is responsible enough to accept your mistakes and learn from it, then you are off to a good, long term relationship. However, if your guy isn’t brave enough to accept his faults and always places the blame on you. Then do not blame yourself, if you had to leave. It’s all on him.

Showing less thoughtfulness

Most men are not thoughtful. However, at some point, they would show some thoughtfulness or a little gentlemanliness like taking you out for a dinner date, picking you up or grabbing some flowers for you on a special occasion. If your guy is not showing any effort doing these things, think again. Perhaps, you are of no value to him.

relaMissing those cute simple gestures

Girls enjoy the feeling of being loved and being showered with a lot of care. This can be expressed in simple gestures. If your guy does not care to even send you a simple yet sweet morning greeting or good night text messages, he does not care at all. That should make you think twice about him.

Has no direction

Be careful with a guy who has no plans for himself. If he has no plans for himself, he will not have a plan for you at all, nor would even care for your own plans. Such a guy like this has no direction in life. If you end up with a guy like that, you would also have no direction in life. Better if you keep away from a person like that.

No respect for your time

A guy who keeps a girl waiting is not worth the wait. A good guy would rather wait for his girl than have the girl wait for him. He would be there before the girls gets there and makes sure he calls back should he miss his girl’s call.

So what kind of guy do you have?

Is he worth your time?

Or did this article change your mind?

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