A Single Parent’s Reward

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Many people think that being a single parent is difficult. Well, it does look like it. Raising kids is a team work. For couples, both parents have roles to play in rearing a child. Failure of one to perform a role can have an effect to the psycho-logic and sociologic development of the child. Which is why raising a child as a single parent is a really challenging task. However, when the parent can fulfill the role of two parents as a single parent; that is a job well done. And for that, as a single parent, you deserve a reward.

SinglePerks of being a single parent

The rewards that a single parent gets in raising kids alone may not be something that you can hold but they are as tangible as they can be. They are things that cannot be bought and can be experienced and enjoyed for the rest of your life.

Sense of Achievement

Raising kids usually takes two to tango. Doing it alone is quite an accomplishment. If you have done it well, you deserve a pat on the back, and a standing ovation. This is the greatest reward you can get, to be able to raise good kids. 

More Intimate Relationship

Single parents tend to spend more time with their child compared to couples. And since single parents get to spend more time with their kids, they get to develop deeper relationship. A deeper relationship enables them to impart life and knowledge to their kids better. Single parents tend to develop friendship with their kids. Couples, though, can develop friendship with their children too. However, when there is no other person aside from your child, the bond is different.

Single parent 1Benefits of raising kids as a single parent

Aside from the rewards, single parents get to enjoy benefits that couples cannot enjoy. Here are some of them.

No fighting

Raising a kid alone means you can do whatever you want with your kid. You do not have to waste your time arguing with your partner over what is best for you child. You alone gets the last say for your child, and not even your mother nor can father decide for your child because it is your child.

All authority is yours

Since you are the only parent around, no one can challenge your authority. Whatever you tell your kid to do, no one is going to question you for that. No one will have to be tolerant about your child’s mischiefs. When you say “stop”, no one is going to tell the kid otherwise and say “just let them be””.

single 2Kids grow up.

Not that they do not enjoy childhood, but at some point, your kids will easily learn how to be responsible when you are raising them as a single parent. They get to understand when you have grown tired and they go out of their way to do something to make it easy for you. So, they learn simple household chores such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and freeing the dogs until they eventually learn how to manage life in general.

Break some rules

Parents have unofficial rules to live by when parenting children, not so for the single parent. The single parent does not have to live by the rules. He or she has no partner who will keep track of what he or she was supposed to do and not do. You can easily adjust your daily routine to cater to all the work that your day has to offer, and no one will have to stop you from doing so. Rewards that both single parents and parenting couples enjoy. While single parents enjoy some rewards alone, parenting couples share the same rewards too. What are some of these?

Single parent 2Seeing child progress

There is no greater reward for any parent than to see their children grow up to be good boys and girls. Raising children is a challenge not only for single parents but also for parenting couples, though it can be more difficult for a single parent. But the challenges they are faced with are the same. So, to be able to raise kids well is reward enough.

Are you a single parent?

What are the challenges you face?

Do you enjoy such rewards as mentioned here, or not yet?

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