How the French election results will impact the rest of Europe?

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Europe has seen many unexpected things in recent time from Brexit to the most awaited and probably unexpected French elections. Elections and its results have always made a highlight in Europe.

What role France has in the European Union?

Can we imagine Europe without the wonder Eiffel tower?

The answer is No, a big no.

But recently some situations rose during the presidential election 2017 which created some tension regarding France and its role in the European Union. Certainly, Europe is not over the Brexit yet and not ready to face another surprise. France is one of the largest and powerful parts of Europe. How can we forget the strength of France as a central player in the European Union? Being one of the founding members of EU (European Union), France is also a limelight for not only Europe but for the whole world.

Recently France gained a lot of attention from the world due to its election of 2017. There were many key issues in France’s 2017 election from how to solve the country’s high unemployment rate to the nation’s relationship with the EU. The 2017 French presidential election was held in two rounds, 23rd April and 7th May 2017.

French 2No candidates won a majority in the first round held on 23rd April. The run-off was held on 7th May between the top two candidates Emmanuel Macron from En Marchel and Marine Le Pen from the national Front (FN), which Macron won by 66.1% voting. Macron’s victory raises more question than answers. People gave the mixed reaction to his victory. The ex-UKIP leader responded on Twitter with words “Macron offers five more years of failure, more power to EU and a continuation of open borders”.

On the other hand world leaders including President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin congratulated Macron through Twitter. Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old and probably the youngest presidential candidate ever won the French presidential election 2017. President Macron was targeted for his personal life as well because of sharing the 25 years gap with wife Brigitte Macron, who is Macron’s former high school teacher. Mr. President claims to have seven grand children through the three children Brigitte had in a former marriage.

If you think that’s something surprising about him, well that’s not. It’s the statement given by him that gave a huge shock to the public. The president Emmanuel Macron has declared he will govern France like Jupiter, the Roman King of gods. This bizarre statement comes just days after Macron scraped the president’s tradition Basile day conference. No wonder, shortly the officials said to media that his thought process was “too the newly elected president of France”.

donald-trumpHow should we consider the statement given by Mr. new president? Before considering the statement let’s have a brief intro about the Roman king of Gods – Jupiter. Jupiter known as the Roman king of Gods is a certainly a well-known person from an era. The Roman didn’t use religion like we do. They use to have a separate god for each and every task.

For example – a god for music, earth, celebration etc. Jupiter was king of all gods. He was the one people wanted to please and the one from they feared. They named things, cities after him. That shows how much power he had on people. Is it the sign of the end of the world? So now rulers will claim themselves as the god! Really! The question is how all these will impact on Europe? Well, the Reuters report him as saying he desires to resign as a “Jupiterian” president – a remote, dignified figure, like a Roman god of gods, who weighs his rare pronouncements carefully”. Doesn’t it sound like lofty words for the Mr. new president? As far as we remember no politician in recent history of president ever compared themselves with Roman king of gods Jupiter.

President Macron is surly making some difference here! Usually, such assemblies are reserved for times of national crisis, but the former banker used these threaten to rule, or we could say overrule? According to sources Macron’s victory is a considered as a clever win for the European Union. Le Pen had vowed to leave the euro zone, exit Europe’s Schengen border-free travel area, and hold a referendum on France’s EU membership.

On the other hand Macron side, he is a believer in the European project of economics and political integration. He also said that France is stronger in a united Europe many times. Macron’s presidency may turn on his ability to rule, but in his campaign, he has set down markers for London on Brexit and for the future shape of Europe, most importantly the revival of the long-stalled Franco-German motor.

Macron How is the Europe going to handle the Mr. President who is planning to rule like Greek god Jupiter? Macron said he will not countenance a deal that allows the UK to act as Europe’s offshore tax heaven to British reporters in a press. He is also willing to lure many of his UK based supporters back to France by making Paris an effective rival to the city of London. Let’s say Macron’s ability to press these things depends on the relationship he manages to strike with Berlin. He visited Germany twice during his campaign period and managed to deliver a 70-minute lecture. He promised to end the mistrust and deadlock that had disfigured the German-France duo.

Well, Macron’s focus on a deeper relationship with Berlin may cause second thoughts that “two-tier Europe means the marginalization of Eastern Europe. That simply means transferring of not only funds but also marginalization of political importance. Ultimately Macron’s victory was admired by EU neighbors like Belgium, Germany, and Holland but Eastern European members fear his strategies and we are not surprised why they fear as Macron could push them to the political and economic sidelines.

Does the fresh and young president Macron have the negative impact on rest of the Europe? In answer to this, we are not sure about the type of the impact but this man is definitely going to affect the Europe. We hope for the positive one. In Macron’s victory speech the political outsider vowed to unite a divided and fractured France, he said the world was watching and waiting for us to defend the spirit of the Enlightenment, threatened in so many places.

The entrance of this man is quite a shocking and coincidental for the world. His victory gave hope for the Europe but the people are still stuck with his scary statement mentioning the Roman king of gods- Jupiter. The real work begins now.

After Macron’s victory, what is next for France and Europe? All the believers of united UN can just hope for best. The world is waiting for his next move.

Let’s just wait and watch…

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