The UN Caught supporting anti-Israel Indoctrination in Schools

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To the shock of many people around the world, the illegal activities of the United Nations Organization have come to the limelight recently. It was revealed that the UN was funding schools teaching Arabian children to wage war on the Jews and glorify acts of terror.

The funds are mainly sourced from western countries and the USA taxpayers’ money. According to a documentary released to the media by a Pro-Israel organization, educational centers and schools run by a UN agency for Palestinian refugees are the Masterminds of these terrible atrocities on the Jewish community and the World as a whole. It was uncovered that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), has been training the young children in a military-like way.

UN 1As part of the curriculum for teaching these young children is the indoctrination of fervent hate for Jews. It is evident that such training is indeed a recipe for disaster. It is a reckless endangerment of the lives of innocent children, who might end up being killed as terrorists while those who succeed die as suicide bombers in various parts of the world.

The sad part is that the kids are told that hatred of Jews is right and killing for the Muslim faith is “Holy war.” Those who die in the line of terrorism are even viewed as martyrs! The documentary shows many kids jubilantly celebrating the murder of Jews and chanting anti-Israel/ pro-jihad slogans. The children are seen vowing to be suicide bombers someday! Furthermore, through the influence of the UN, there has been a rise of anti-Semitic groups even among the Christian community. The rise of anti-Semitic feelings among many people can even be noticed in media outlets in western countries. And, since people trust the news rooms to provide credible news they believe everything they see. Such media outlets are the ones that would report on false stories which are nothing more than carefully fabricated lies, in a bid to paint a bad image for Israel.

UN 2Some other efforts by the UN in its anti-Israel campaign include the vote to ignore the ties Jewish people have to the Temple Mount. This is despite the biblical evidence that exists linking Jews to the temple. This even includes the story of Jesus in the temple! Thus, to come out openly and support such a notion that Jews have nothing to do with the temple is sheer ignorance of the UN. Moreover, that fact the UN makes such decisions based on politics is rather than making informed judgments based on facts is quite a dangerous trend. As people of Israel are trying to fight for the rights and freedom for all, militant Islamic forces seek their destruction, and their main aim is to steal, destroy and kill even at the cost of innocent civilians in Israel and now the west.

During such attacks i.e. in 2014 men, women and children were forced to run for their lives and seek shelter in awkward places as sounds of alarms, sirens, and missiles being fired into Israel shook the air. This is the fate of an ever-free society surrounded by powers that abhor democracy. Israel is a quiet, normal and a beautiful country to live in but what do we see in the newspapers? Because of this indoctrinations and radicalizations, there is an endless danger and the underlying fear that there are people out there who just want to kill, they wish to kill and destroy.

You should now understand that unluckily we are living in the West and we should try to urge our leaders to address the problem before it gets out of hand. It has been revealed further that the school books that are being utilized by the Palestine Authority are being transported to Europe and then to Muslim Education Schools in daylight yet we are being amazed why terrorism is on the rise.

netaDuring a press conference Netanyahu alleged that many years after 6 million Jews were killed, Iran rulers vowed to destroy his country and murder his people, United Nations organization has kept numb of the issue and has not even responded. Also, the response from the governments represented by this body has been absolute silence, utter silence. So, whatever is going on is unquestionable, someone is responsible.

Wasn’ t the UN set up to foster peace around the world?

Is it right to wage war against Israel for no good reason?

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