What is a Hero

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Human beings can be classified into three categories, four rather, those who need a hero, the antagonist, those who don’t care therefore do not need heroes, and the hero, himself. You can fall into any of these categories but according to studies, only one out of five people fall into the category of a hero. That is roughly 20% of every population in the world. But what really makes a hero? There are different kinds of hero.

hero 1We have the heroes that are so ideal that we only see them in movies as a fantasy, the superheroes. There are also those real-life heroes who made “hero”-ing a profession, and face danger everyday just to protect their loved ones and their country, our armed forces. And there are the unsung heroes whose heroism is not part of their profession, they just go out of their normal everyday life and get out of their comfort zones to save someone, or get out of their way to do something for someone else.

What Makes a Hero

It is still a mystery why heroes do what they do. A lot of people ask how heroes get so compelled to give up their life, their comfort and their luxury just to be of service to other people, even to the point of literally giving up their life. But there are attributes that can distinguish them as one and you could probably categorize yourself as one too.


Most heroes, whether a real life hero or fantasy superhero, have sacrificial hearts. Heroes tend to neglect their own personal needs and wants just to secure the needs and wants of others to the point that they get their own selves in trouble. They place others above themselves. It is not because they do not have a choice. They are usually placed in a position where they have to choose between what they want for themselves and what they need to fulfill for others. And most of the time, heroes prefer the latter even when they do not have to.

hero 3Determination

Heroes are also known for their determination which is quite notable among all heroes we can think of, whether it is Spiderman or Superman or just the neighbor across the street who makes sure that the neighborhood is protected and secure. No matter what their purpose is here on earth, a hero is extremely determined to fulfill that purpose, and nothing could keep them from doing so. Some of those heroes will even have to face opposition from their family but even that cannot stop them. Heroes are fixed on their purpose no matter what the cost.


One thing to notice about heroes is also their loyalty to the cause, to the group that they are involved with and the course of action that they are enlisted to. Like determination, there is also nothing that can detach them from the very thing or group that they are bound to. They will not only show loyalty by sticking around but they will even fight for the very thing that they have pledged allegiance to. Everything else that would question their loyalty is for them, a waste of time.

Integrity and Honesty

Heroes do not stand up just for something or anything. They stand up for what is right and they never get twisted. For them, black is black, and white is white. They are honest about their work, and they are honest about the things that they say. They do not twist justice and show no partiality to the point that they sometimes make enemies out of their friends. It’s tough but their honesty is unshakable.


A hero is not a hero if he is a coward. Cowards cannot be heroes. Heroes are not cowards. Heroes are not afraid of anything. They may be afraid but they are never overcome by their fear. They fear no one; that is why nothing can stop them from fulfilling what they need to do.


This is probably the bottom line of everything a hero can do. This is the reason why heroes are sacrificial, determined, loyal, honest, and courageous. Heroes are passionate. Heroes are so dedicated to what they do that is why nothing can stop them. People celebrate them not just for being a hero but because of their passion. Passion is what fuels heroes to keep doing what they are doing.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

Among the list, where do you fall?

Are you willing to be a hero?

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