Influence in the Modern Age

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We always admire people who are influential. They display a somewhat charismatic aura that makes people want to follow them. These people seem to just be special people that the world needs to see. But what does it take to be influential in our world today? Does influence have a place in our world today?

Influential teamSociety has evolved to a society of social networking and virtual reality. In the past, influential people are those who are able to influence others by how they lead their lives. Nowadays, social media plays a role. Because of social media, people can say that a person is influential if they have many virtual followers, has the most number of shares, and is trending.

That is the modern qualification for a person to be influential. However, there is so much more than just getting as many likes as one can and being in the trend. An influential people is one who can impact those that are within their circle. Their lives are so remarkable that they get to touch other people’s lives.

How can you identify them, and how did they become that influential? Most influential people are notable for their passion. That passion becomes evident in how they work and how well they are committed to it. Here are a few signs.

Dedication to life purpose

When it comes to purpose, there are three different kinds of people. There are those who do not care to take the time to discover their purpose in life. There are also those who know their purpose but do not care to do something about it. And finally, those who know their purpose and get out of their comfort zones to fulfill it.

influInfluential people are usually those who belong to the latter. They are driven by their purpose in such a way that their lives and their impact become very remarkable.

Striving to become better

People who are remarkable and influential are still a work in progress and what is more breathtaking about them is their acknowledgement that they are still imperfect beings who are always a work in progress. And because of that, they always do the best they can to become better persons.

They do not stay contented with who they are and what they already are. They always strive to be better and go higher than they have already achieved.

influEngaging and beneficial

Influential people know that no man is an island. They believe in collaboration and in getting connected with others. They are not afraid to be with people and share their lives with people, and they do so without hesitation. These types of people reach out to others to help them and are not afraid or shy to ask for help themselves. They believe in teamwork not only to benefit themselves but also to let others benefit from them.


It is good to find time to fix the problems that we are faced with in our present situations. Influential people do that. But far more than fixing the problems of today, they also spend time to invest in tomorrow. They are visionaries who not only deal with the present but fix their eyes on what is ahead. They not only think of what should be done now but what their impact can be in the generations to come.

Humility to accept critics

Influential people always strive to be better. One way for them to know how to become better persons is to always listen to critics and be humble enough to take them positively. From there, they work out on their flaws and imperfections and strive to become better.

They have such huge hearts to take on criticisms without being affected by them. These people are able to learn from them, work on their strengths and work out their weaknesses.

Sharing what they know

Being selfless is a common trait of a person with influence. They generously share what they have not only in terms of material possession but even in terms of knowledge and skills. These people do not fear having someone steal their idea or having someone become better than them because of them. They take delight when people are able to enjoy the knowledge and idea that they too enjoy.

influ 3Building others up

Influential people not only share ideas but they also take joy in sharing success with others. Some people become powerful or reach a certain level of success by stepping on others, but not with the influential person. He would rather have others step on him on order for them to succeed. Influential people make a huge impact not only in their small circles but in a wider scale.

The way they lead their lives resonate so well that they naturally become influential. It is not just about how popular you get in social networking sites. It is about how you influence others to build a better society.

How are you leading your life?

Can you identify yourself as an influential person?

What would the world be if we are all positively influencing our society?

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