Healthy Start: 7 Foods to Eat for Healthy breakfast

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There are many advantages of having a healthy breakfast. The benefits include:

-Boosting of the short term memory

-Prevention of undesirable weight gain

-Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes

-It makes you more lively and happy.

Therefore, breakfast is an essential meal for a healthy lifestyle. However, it all depends on whether you are eating the right food for breakfast. As a rule of thumb, your meal should be composed of at least 50% of fruits or vegetable (for vitamins and minerals), 25% carbohydrates and 25% protein. We have compiled a list of healthy food to try out.


Studies have shown that eggs are a healthy choice for breakfast, contrary to common perception that eggs have an excess of cholesterol. In fact, eggs are one of the best foods that we have in nature! Within the egg are the egg yolk and egg white which offer much nutrition. Eggs provide up to 6 grams of proteins hence, are a source of essential amino acids.

eggsEggs are also abundant in essential, vitamins B12 and D and minerals such as chlorine and selenium, and phosphorous and riboflavin. However, if you are all about watching your weight, you should at times take the white.

The bottom line is; the egg is an excellent choice for your breakfast. There are plenty of egg-based recipes to try too such as the Frittata.


Oatmeal has lots of fiber which will help to keep you satisfied and help regulate your appetite. The inclusion of nuts and fruits to the oatmeal makes it even tastier and healthier.

OatmealExperiment with a variety of oatmeal and add salt, spice and some fruits for a delicious meal.

Fruits and smoothies

Fresh fruits offer an abundant supply of minerals and vitamins. They should, therefore, form an integral part of your breakfast. Eating fruits such as apples, berries or bananas ensure you start your day in a great way. Fruits keep you healthy as they are also rich in antioxidants.

smoothieYou can also add nuts and dried fruits to your breakfast. A handful of nuts before you rush to work is good for you. They have plenty of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and proteins to help maintain a healthy body and brain.

The main advantage of fruits is that they can be blended with vegetables or even yoghurt for a tasty breakfast. This blended form of fruits is known as smoothies. Smoothies offer a variety of nutrients and can be a complete meal. Smoothies nourish your body with sufficient minerals and nutrients.

Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread is an excellent replacement for the regular white bread. With its lower levels of cholesterol, whole grain bread is great if you want to lower your blood pressure. It also contains fibers that maintain a healthy heart. However, whole grain bread has high calories thus avoid taking it with sugar.

Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is made of probiotics which assist the body in removing harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. The whole digestive system responds positively after the intake of probiotic yogurt.

yogurtIt is also a natural sugar-free and low-fat yogurt with a sufficient protein content hence an excellent choice for those who have diabetes or those watching on their calorie levels.

Probiotic yogurt can be taken on its own or topped with fresh fruits or berries to increase its vitamin content or even whole grain granola.


Coffee is an excellent drink to begin your day with. However, since it contains some caffeine, ensure not to consume more than four cups daily to maximize its benefits.

coffeeAlso, the caffeine contained in coffee has been associated with alertness, increased mental functioning and improved temperaments. It also enhances the burning of fat and metabolic reactions.

Finally, coffee is also rich in antioxidants which lessen inflammation and minimize the risk of liver disease and diabetes.


Vegetables contain a lot of essential minerals and vitamins with usually reasonably low-calorie quantities.

Veggies are versatile hence, can be used in a variety of ways, for example, adding some fresh veggies to your omelet, is ideal for a more nutritious meal. The most preferred vegetables used with eggs includes diced peppers, chopped hot peppers, chopped potatoes and diced onions.

veggiesNow that we’ve enlightened you about some exciting breakfast alternatives be sure to visit your grocery store and stock your kitchen with these nutritious foods. You will feel much better, and you will be healthier.

The good news is that we’ve included those that are easy to make so, why don’t you make a decent breakfast your priority?

Are you going to take the initiative of making a healthy breakfast?

Do you long for a happy and healthy lifestyle?

What is holding you back? Try these suggestions; I am sure you will like it.

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