7 things woman looks for in her future husband

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Every girl has their own checklist of qualities she wants in her future husband. The list varies from girl to girl based on looks to education, specific job field and more but there are certain things which must need to be on the list. You cannot compromise with them.

romance-twoMarriage is a big and lifelong decision. You will surely face confusions at the time due to plenty of available choices and commitment. Once you are sure about it all you need is a perfect match. But the world is changed a bit towards the tradition of the marriage commitment. Now it’s not a one-time thing. Divorce is much famous word around the world now. There are so many questions going on your head at that time.

What things woman looks for in her life partner? Are there any common things in the list? How to know if the guy is having these qualities or not? All your questions are answered below. Check it out!

If you are on the track of husband hunt or your parents are looking for your perfect match, you certainly need to go through your checklist first. These days trend of finding a partner through dating sites or matrimonial websites is on. Well, girls even though you have a personalized checklist for your prince charming, here is the must have things to look into your future partner.

111Does he sincerely commit towards marriage?

This one is supposed to count as a first quality to have in your future life partner. You must need to be sure about his behavior regarding commitment. Is he serious about the marriage thing? Does he keep his words when he says it?

The tough part is how will you confirm if your partner is serious about commitment? It’s not that much difficult if you have enough time to spend with him. You will receive all your answers from his behavior, regular activity and deeds. Check out if he keeps his promises? Does he remembers his words or forgets? His action will speak better than words.

What is his perspective towards life? Does it match with yours?

As earlier we discussed marriage is a lifelong commitment. Before deciding to spend the whole life together it is must to match the frequency of thoughts. You cannot expect that your thought matches criteria gonna be 100% but you cannot handle an opposite thinker either. What if you are a party animal and he is a private person, you don’t want babies for a long time and he wants the baby soon after marriage, you love traveling and he is allergic to the traveling. These things can create trouble in your marriage life. You need to discuss these things with him before any commitment.

Although you cannot expect to have a life partner who thinks everything just like you because even twins sibling don’t have that. It’s quite difficult to spend life with complete opposite thinker. Let him know about your thoughts, views, and things that matter to you most. Ask him about his views, his thoughts or anything.

Is he financially stable?

To spend the whole life together just love or understanding is not enough. You can’t eat air and love. You need the financially stable life. That doesn’t mean you will look for wealthy man only but to know about his financial status is also important. Any girl would expect a financially stable life partner who has a good job or a business. Healthy income will make your life better if your husband is a smart financial planner and investor too.

husband2Don’t forget to check out the other side of his financial life. Is he suffering under any debt load? How major is the debt? Being young couple you can make your life wealthy after marriage as well.

How is his relationship with alcohol and social life?

You really need to know about how well he can handle drinking. Is he a hard-core alcoholic or an occasional drinker? What if he can’t be able to handle the drinking and social life? You surely don’t want to spend rest of your life as an occasional babysitter wife. Getting drunk and forgetting your problem is okay in the 20s but that cannot be going on forever. Either accept the fact or pass the chance for next match. You never know who is waiting for you.

It’s better to know these things before you take any lifelong decision. Connect to his friends and family. Try to know more about him by his social media profiles.

Does he enjoy romantic gesture?

Romance and love are must from the very first date to the rest of life. In real life, he just needs to be a romantic bug flying around you. That doesn’t mean he has to plan a fancy candlelight dinner or a private beach vacation. Small chocolate or random ‘I love you’ whisper will work better.

husband1No girl expects a boring or busy with the business guy who is not a romantic or not has time for family. Money and business are necessary but your time for family is more important. A simple ‘I miss you’ message can make the day of a girl. So yes he should be active on romantic gestures.

Is he a supportive life partner?

The support system is necessary for survival and no one can be a big support system than your husband. Is he career supportive? Does he understand your work schedule? Does he actually show interest in your career goal? Being independent girl any girl would expect a supportive husband. Being supportive means not just saying verbally, he needs to show his support in action.

Why only career, is he emotionally supportive? Though it is quite tough to check these things in short time.

husbDoes he follow the equal role in relationship rule?

We mentioned this one in last as most girls have this thing in her checklist. A healthy relationship is where both partners are equal. Both are able to take the decision, earn and manage things. A strong independent woman doesn’t want to bind herself in hand of a man in name of marriage. She needs her freedom, her space, her values and more than that a partner who understands the meaning of these things in her life.

There are many more expectations girls have but they are secondary as you can adjust with those things on some level. No matter what there are always some things that need to be compromise between two persons because even siblings don’t have same qualities. It’s up to you which things you can compromise with and which not. Therefore it is better to refer this checklist first.

How many of these things are on your checklist?

Is there any other important check you know? Kindly share with us!

At last, how can we forget those who have crossed this bridge already? Yes, don’t forget to share with us how many of the above things do your hubby or fiancé has? Our comment box is waiting for you!


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