9 Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

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An escape to your favorite hotel will take you away from your busy schedule and all the endeavors of life. People go to hotels alone or with a companion for several reasons. But for whatever reason it is, there is something you should know about hotels.

shushThey have hidden secrets in them. Their rooms have hidden stories. Here are a few secrets about them that you should know about.

Nothing is a secret

People have lots of secrets and they usually keep them in hotel rooms where they do not have to reveal personal information like their home addresses, and credit card accounts. They try to keep it as discreet as possible. But the question is, are their secrets really that safe?

People at the front desk will pretend they do not know anything. But the truth is they notice and they know what you have been up to. They do not care though. So you can just go on with your life, going to the same hotel over and over again and you can bring along as many friends as you like, but know that your secret may not be that safe.

hotel bookingThird Party Booking Are Not-So-Good Deals

There are many third party sites online that offer best deals with huge discounts. They will tell you how big a discount you can get. Well that is what they will want you to think.

But the real deal is that, their best deal is not the best after all. They offer you rooms with the lowest affordable prices but give you rooms that are worth that price, cheap and with less quality. You get to save and those hotels get to save as well.

You Might Now Be Alone

So you think you are the only person inside the room, think again. Some hotel rooms have bodies hidden underneath your bed. It is not just an urban legend. Those urban legend stories came from something.

There have been records of hotels with corpses underneath their bed. The management might not be aware of it. And clients only notice after several days when the odor becomes obvious.

HotelsThe Beddings Only Look Clean

The beddings may look clean and tidy but in reality, they are hardly ever washed in a week. Although some sheets are washed regularly, blankets and bedspread are only washed once a week or once a month. If no visible stains are found, they can postpone laundry as long as they can.

No one can really tell. They can just spray some freshener to make the room smell clean.

Glasses Only Appear Clean As Well

Ever wonder why hotel glasses seem to sparkle? You cannot imagine what they have been doing with it. Most of those glasses are rarely washed.

They are just rinsed and dried with the use of a hand towel. In worst scenarios, some furniture polish is used to keep them sparkling. Isn’t that creepy?

glassThere is No Such Thing As Free Breakfast

Free breakfast offered by hotels is really enticing. Come to think of it, you save yourself some money for breakfast because it is offered for free. Well, at least, that is what you thought so.

Hotels also have secrets when it comes to free breakfast. They actually aren’t. The free breakfast that they promise is actually already part of the packaged price that they offer. So there is no such thing as free breakfast. You paid for it.

Everything Else is Dirty

Not only are bed sheets and glasses are dirty, the entire room is, from switches to bedside lamps, toilets and other things found in the room as well as the bathroom. It has been discovered that one of the dirtiest object inside the hotel is the remote control. Hundreds of different types of people have laid hands on them.

hotels 2

Each Hotel Room is Different from the Other

We are often told that all rooms have relatively the same sizes. All king size rooms have the same dimensions, and so are the twin beds and single room. Those are all lies.

All rooms are different and some are sadly better than all others. People from the front desk may tell you otherwise but the truth is they all vary.

Hotels Keep Track of You

Be careful how you behave most especially when you deal with the front desk. The hotels usually take note of clients who misbehave. They know if you are rude to their employees or is unruly.

They will put you on the record so whenever you are around, they get notified. Don’t think they do not notice. They always do.

So after knowing these things, do you still want to check in? Are you willing to change your ways when you are checking into a hotel?

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