How to Have a Better Marriage?

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How to Have a Better Marriage? Let’s take the glance on some facts!

Are you looking for ways to make your marriage better and healthy?

Are you the one who wants to maintain a marriage throughout the life happily that only death can apart you guys?

Let’s say you are at the right place because we are going to discuss some important facts that help to make your marriage better. Getting married is a flowering feeling. What you need to do is just keep that flower blooming forever.

There are certain things that help to make your relationship better, especially marriage.

marriage 3To know more, keep reading!

When did you express your love last? : The most important string of marriage is love. Keep showing your love towards your partner. Use words, actions or any other way to express your feelings. Shower your love in your own way and make them feel special. No need to feel shy about this but make sure to do it only once in a time to ignore being an irritating person.

How often you guys communicate? : Do not let confusion enter in your relationship. Open up and talk to your partner whatever is bothering you. The man usually hates confusions. Talk to your partner instead of wondering and waiting till he/she guess what is wrong with you. Just don’t let any communication gap enter in your relationship.

Do you believe in giving space? : You are not supposed to stick to your partner forever. You guys love each other, need each other but that doesn’t mean you stick to each other forever. Every person needs their own space including married person. Give your partner some space and let them enjoy their time. Leave them alone for while and let them do whatever they like to do. Remember, this way you are giving them some time to miss you.

MarriageAre you a supporting partner? : When a person is in love, he/she expect support from his/her other half. One needs support from chasing his/her dream to everything. It doesn’t take much to support your partner. Just be by their side. Supporting your partner is another way to express your love. Of course, we are not asking you to support your better half in their wrong decisions but at least make them feel special by standing their side in the right ways.

Does respect play role in your relationship? : Respect is another form of love. If you love someone, you respect them. If your partner disapproves your choice, career or any other major thing that matters, they might get a hard time to trust you. You need to use words to show your respect, actions work well. You don’t need to put many efforts for respect, just understand your partner and the things will work out naturally.

happy marriageTrust is must, isn’t it? : Do you have a habit of checking your partner’s phone all the time? Do you double check when your partner goes out alone? That simple means you have trust issues and which is not a good sign of a happy married life. How in the world can any relationship work if trust is not there? If you don’t trust your partner, you are not part of a healthy marriage. Don’t stress your partner with unreasonable fights and silly doubts. If you have any doubt, just discuss it with pure words instead of being the detective. Make your marriage better by being a better partner.

Are you an Encouraging partner? : Every marriage faces ups and downs at a time. It doesn’t matter who was involved in the tough time because at the end the marriage feels the struggles. As a life partner, it is your duty to encourage your partner. Let them feel your importance in their life by your encouragement. Any person no matter how strong he/she is, they need the encouraging feeling from their special one on hard times.

Grow to bond in each other’s world: Have you met his friends? Have you planned out with her family yet? Plan things with your partner’s friends. Set a strong relationship with each other’s friends. Not only friends make special bonding with each other’s families as well. Stay in touch with each other’s cousins. Plan random dinner with families. You will get to know more about your partner this way plus you will receive so much respect from your partner by bonding in each other’s circle.

Old is old, don’t make it gold: Sometimes marriage faces struggles because of hidden past of partner. Every person has some scars and damage from their early dating days. Don’t make these things a big issue. Just drop this topic if you are uncomfortable discussing it.

When did you last cooked together? Do some activity as a team: Be an occasional partner in some activity like cooking. Try new meals together and enjoy the experience. Share your work instead of setting particular role. If she can earn, you can cook.

h-marriageDon’t let the personal issues out: If you discuss your fight with friends and families, they might not forgive him even after you forgive him. There’s no good discussing your fights and problems outside your relationship. Every married couple has some problem at some time. Work on your relationship and problems instead of making it breaking news for friends and family. Never ever make fun of your partner in public place. So, don’t let your personal issue out. Let them be by yourself only.

Take responsibility of financial state: the Mostly couple had the fight because of financial issue. Learn to take responsibility of challenging financial times. You need to act as a team to manage all the expense and savings for future. Stay honest with each other about financial stuff.

Let the fight be fair: It’s impossible to not have a fight with your partner before or after marriage. Try to keep the fight fair by not using abusive words. Learn to take words back when one of you didn’t mean what you said. Let the fight be short and sweet if possible solve it on time instead of asking for the help of the third person. Don’t jump into conclusion. Learn to listen the side of your partner.

Back view of mid-adult couple holding hands walking on beach with seashell in foreground.

Make the touch often: Let the spark alive by the soft touch. Whether you’re at a business meeting or random lunch, hold hands of your partner or smile at her. Give him a foot massage after a tiring day. Watch television by sliding in arms of your man. These things matter as much as a physical relationship.

Make the place for surprises: No matter how much time has passed, always keep a space for surprises. Plan a long drive or cook their special dish. Sometimes a small surprise after a tiring day can make the mood of your partner.

There are many other little things that can make the marriage better. Do you know any other such fact? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment section.

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