Indian Team Brings Wireless Implanted Devices in the market

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The new world order and the system of the mark of the beast are not new phenomena to most of us. What most of us might not be knowing is the fact that they are almost upon us. Over the recent past, the trend towards the elimination of freedoms has never wavered. Instead, it been in a process of confirmation and strengthening. Well, we know that when the time comes, people will not be able to buy or sell anything if they lack the mark of the beast. We also know that it is a personal initiative of the perpetrators of the new world order to see the whole world come under their rule. Even if it means to control the population.

In the recent past, there have been many inventions that were geared towards attaining the ultimate goal of the mark of the beast. One such invention is an invention by a team of Indian Origin scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle. The devices take us a step closer to the fulfillment of internet-connected implanted devices. The team introduced an ingenious way that allows for communication between a variety of devices such as contact lenses, credit cards, brain implants and other smaller wearable electronic devices smartphones and watches.

The communication system of this new invention by these scientists is known as the new “interscatter communication”, operates by changing Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi signals to be transmitted over the air.

Let us learn a little more about this device before we move on. The inter scatter device could be your contact lens, body implant, or any other device. The device uses Bluetooth signals reflections and converts them to Wi-Fi transmissions which can then be detected by a smartphone.

wireless 2According to one of the co-authors, a student taking a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, “Wireless connectivity for implanted devices can transform how we manage chronic diseases. For example, a contact lens could monitor a diabetics’ blood sugar level in tears and send notifications to the phone when the blood sugar level goes down.”

The device uses conventional methods of wireless transmission to send and receive data, due to their location in the body and also their size. The team has also demonstrated that this new technology of theirs can apply to smart credit cards. This, therefore, would open possibilities for smart cards that can be able to communicate directly with other cards and enable splitting of bills by their users by just tapping the credit cards together.

Well, this can seem to be a really great technology for us. Some might say that this will solve all these cases of people carrying money and then end up being robbed of all their money. But, does it mean that all that glitters are gold? Is there a possibility that these devices are just a new step towards the actualization of the beast system?

w3Think of the possibility of this new technology finding application in the beast system. This could just be a few steps towards actualizing the cashless society, which is one of the main agendas of the perpetrators of the beast system. Remember, if It can be linked to our bank accounts, then definitely it can be used as a means of storing our personal information. Information that is very vital and private to you. These devices if implanted in the body, could be used to spy on you even at your own home. The device can be used as a way of tracking information such as how much you spend. If these implants were to be rolled out today with the beast system, they would have all the information about every individual who uses the technology.

As if that is not enough, these devices would most likely to be implanted in the brain of an individual. Didn’t we see the potential for this new technology in the book of Revelation 13:16-18?

The Bible warns us in the book of Revelations that the beast system would not allow us to buy or sell if you do not have these implants. The Bible also tells us that the mark of the beast would be on the right hand and foreheads of people, who are going to be made to worship or follow the beast. With this new technology, it is a guarantee that we are closer to the beast system being rolled out than ever before.

Therefore, before you join up with everyone in the hype of this new technology, take a good look at the facts at hand. Let us not be too eager to adopt this new technology that we forget the implications that it might have on us and our lives. First, are the immediate effects on your health considering that most of these devices will be implanted in sensitive areas of the body such as the brain. Second, the facts linking these devices to the beast system are just too many to shrug away as mere coincidence.

Therefore, should we allow ourselves to fall victims in the deceptions that are these new technologies?

Are we willing to put our health in harm’s’ way by allowing us to be implanted with these devices?

Is this yet another step towards the full actualization of the system under the mark of a beast?

Is the end coming to reality as prophesied in the Bible?

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