Beautiful People Magazine Cover Contest

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Do you enjoy fun, quirky photo shoots? Have you ever wished to star on a magazine cover? Well, here’s your chance to shine. Beautiful People Magazine is an online and offline portal that unearths the innate goodness and potential in humanity, through its diverse articles. It is conducting a Cover Page Contest; open globally for anyone over the age of 18 years. Use this opportunity to up your morale and build a portfolio. For budding models, there truly is no easier pathway than this!


What? – What this entails is a Grand Prize and a Runner Up Prize. The Grand Prize winner gets to be on the cover of the magazine, a professional photo shoot, is featured in the upcoming calendar and much more. Whereas the Runner Up gets an exciting package comprising of a half page feature in the magazine, makeup galore and a 6 month subscription of the magazine. The top 12 finalists will become the models for the 2019 Calendar.

How? – Take a selfie video of no more than 1 minute, explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the magazine cover. Register for the contest on the website. After which, you have to share the contest link on as many social media platforms as possible. Then simply, email the video and some photos. The photos will be evaluated on the basis of posture, makeup, dressing style and other criteria mentioned on the contest page. There’s a bunch of information on the site regarding Contest Rules, Eligibility and Judging. Make sure to read all of it. It’s super simple.

From When? – 17 January, 2018.

Till When? – 17 April, 2018.

Why? – Because you are beautiful and you deserve to showcase that beauty to the whole world. Let it inspire others to bring out the best in them! Gain entry into the modelling world with this Beautiful People Magazine Cover Page Contest. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new for a change!

The best part about Beautiful People Magazine’s contest is that they aren’t specifically looking for experienced models only. Therefore, even if you are a newbie and have never tried modelling, you’re free to take part in this. Time is of the essence, so hurry!

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