13 Reasons Why Marriage Fails

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Are you aware of these 13 reasons why most marriages fail?

Matches are made in heaven, you must have heard this line thousands of times and it’s possible that you might believe in its concept as well. Let’s reveal another side of this concept and that is matches falls apart in the real world (even though it’s made in heaven). You never know when the happiest couple decides to broke the bond and took off the mask of happiness because of some reason.

fail6Failed marriages are not bad or against nature but the reason behind the departure is what matters. Nobody wants to be a part of a failed marriage. Are you a fellow couple who afraid of broken marriage?

There are some natural facts which lead the marriage to fall apart.

1. Losing the chemistry:

Relationship works on the base of chemistry. Two persons fall in love with each other one on the base of many reasons and one of them is chemistry between them. Sometimes after marriage people feels that they don’t have chemistry anymore. They are living together just because they have to. This kind of thoughts makes the person move towards a failed marriage.

2. Leading independent lives:

Married couples suppose to act as a team when it comes to parenting, home management or any other thing related to their lives. They need to coordinate with each other about these things. It is true that every person needs their own space in life but that doesn’t mean that they started to live in their own space all the time. That extra independent thing takes away the spark from the relationship. Missing of the spark can be one of the reasons behind the broken marriage.

fail 43. Running out of interest:

We have often seen the couple who tied the knot on basis of physical attractions. Well, that’s natural to like someone and get attracted to towards the beautiful outlook but if that’s only the base of your relationship then there are pretty many chances of departures. It is possible that after a time your girl might gain some weight and look less sexy or your man could get a big belly. There can be other reasons behind why a person started to lose interest. Running out of interest can take you straight to running out of marriage.

4. Big bucket of the responsibility:

Marriage is a complete package of love, romance, new life and bunch of responsibility. A person needs to be enough mature to run a marriage happily especially when the children are involved in their life. Many times people freaked out because of the new responsibility and that leads them to frustration. Sometimes the frustration leads them to leave the responsibility forever and get a divorce.

5. No existence of appreciation:

Two people work really hard to maintain a relationship. What makes them going on is a little appreciation from the spouse. If your woman is taking care of your house and yours then she might expect to hear good words about her work. Same thing works for the man too. Honestly that don’t take many efforts but still, people use to forget about appreciation. It’s hard to maintain the relationship in such situation.

extramaritalaffair6. Extramarital affairs:

This is the number one reason why marriage fails. There can be a lot of different reason behind why a person cheats. We believe cheating on your spouse is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship. It is better to think twice before getting married. Cheating does not stand for having only physical relation with another person, having feelings for another person is also considered as a cheating.

7. Facing the hidden truth:

Many times a marriage is based on fake personality. People lies about things like work, salary or any other things. Things get worse when the truth comes out behind the curtain. Some lies are very tough to digest for the partner. Most of the times these things destroys a happy marriage.

8. Being Selfish:

Marriage is a something that involves two people. Some partner put their needs and desires first. A person is considered as a selfish in a marriage if he/she think about his/her own needs first. Instead of us, they think about their own good only. In process of this, they might hurt the partner and loose the attached strings by time. How can anyone stand in a marriage where his or her needs and desires are not considered by the partner? That constant ignorance can invite a fail marriage.

9. Lack of sexual life:

People get married for a reason and sex is one of them. There are chances of failed marriage if the problem is about sex life. Active and fulfilling sexual life is very important for a married couple. When life is running out of sex between married couple, then the chances are high of being cheated or failure marriage.

fail510. Missing of communication bond:

Getting married is no joke! Many times love marriages fail because after a time the couple starts to running out of communication. Communication is like oxygen for marriage. You cannot understand your partner’s problem without communicating. You can communicate with your partner through many ways like verbally, physically or emotionally but the thing is to stay connected. When there is no communication, there is no happy relationship.

11. Involvement of the third party:

Nobody wants a third one to ruin their marriage. When you start to trust the talks of the third party about your spouse, then understand that you are allowing them to ruin your marriage. Make sure whom you listen and what you listen. Some advice is come straight from the hell so understand the difference. There is no lack of examples of marriages which failed because of some third party ruled their relationship.

12. Dealing with jealousy:

Man is quite poor when it’s about to accepting the success of their woman. Well, of course, it’s not about all man but we can’t ignore that rare person. Some man can’t digest if their woman is earning more than him. This thing starts to haunt his mind with stupid jealousy which results in a failed marriage. It is very important to consider how the couple is going to handle the financial and working status before marriage.

marriage fail 213. Abusive relationship:

Nobody can stand an abusive relationship where you are being humiliated for no reason. Lifeline of an abusive relationship is very less because no one would stay under emotionally, verbally or physically abusive marriage. No respect, no long relation!

People spent millions of money, thousands of thoughts and infinite ideas after a wedding but they forget to plan how to run the marriage. Marriage is not just a celebration of two days. If you are not ready, take time and think thousands of time before getting married. Talk to your partner and share each and everything you are struggling I your mind before marriage. The right time to take the decision is before marriage. Don’t jump in because your friends did or under any pressure. Do it when you are ready to last it forever.

Good luck for a happy marriage!

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