Google’s Vampire Smartwatch

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Concealed from public knowledge with meticulous precision, is one unique innovation in the history of man. I am almost sure, dear reader, that this could even be your first time coming to the knowledge of such an invention. Just when we think everything has been invented, there comes a new invention that causes a stir in the technological sphere of the world. One of the latest innovations is Google’s new needle-free device.

Technology giant Google filed a patent for a device that can collect small amounts of a person’s blood without the use of needles. The device which, according to the patent application is a ‘needle-free blood draw’ system. This is why it has been christened by many as the “vampire” smartwatch. As if this is not enough, some people have even gone as far as labeling the smartwatch as one of the last milestones towards the full implementation of the much-dreaded beast system. This, therefore, would imply that we a step closer to the end of time as stated clearly in biblical prophecy- in the book of revelations.

google666According to Google, the device which is a generally automated system that takes a person’s blood sample and gives a valid output in terms of the health condition of the person involved. The device can be built into a wearable attached to an individual’s wrist or held in the hand. All this without the direct input of the wearer of the watch. This device has made the whole process of collecting blood samples from patients faster and less messy as compared to the conventional way of using a needle.

According to the patent application, the device works by sending an “abrupt surge” gas into the microparticle-containing barrel, causing a puncture to the skin enough to produce a small droplet of blood for testing. The droplet of blood collected by the device is sucked into a barrel with negative pressure.

Google watch 1The patent further reveals that the device comprises a reservoir at the far end of the negative-pressure barrel meant for collecting and holding at least a portion of the blood drawn. This is for purposes of any further tests that may be required of the blood sample. Google wrote in the application that, “Such an application might be used to draw a small amount of blood, for example, for a glucose test.” Initially, an individual whose blood was required to be drawn had to prick their finger, place the blood on a strip, insert it into a machine and through the use of blood glucose meter, keep their insulin under check.

However, this new device by Google has the ability to draw blood automatically from an individual’s system and analyze the sample drawn. One of the major features of the device is also the ability to keep an accurate record and monitor the vitals of a patient. This includes information about metabolic activities in the body, glucose levels (as is the case for diabetes testing and tracking) and even enzymes levels.

Well, I guess this sounds like an excerpt straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. I thought so Myself! I actually thought this technology would revolutionize the health sector in our country. I thought that this is going to be big leap forward for humankind. And I am sure you might think in the same line. But before you take this line of thought, you need to ask yourself whether you can trust google enough. Let us examine the hard facts, ask those tough questions and see if we can indeed trust Google with such information.

Not long ago, there has been a lot of buzz about the privacy laws in our country. The issue of Internet privacy has been a thorn in the flesh for us. We have received exposés every now and then of how Government entities are collaborating with tech companies to disclosing private information about citizens. Do you think all this is a coincidence? Well, I think not. One such organization is the NSA, who have actually agreed to the fact that on many occasions they have actively collaborated with tech companies such as Google, Yahoo, and even Facebook to collect personal information about people and their activities online. According to the NSA, the program under the name “Prism” saw the tech collaborate with them in their data collection bid by providing them with their users’ private information.Google 4

When contacted in order to ascertain the truth or falsehood in these strong allegations by the NSA, Google blatantly denied any knowledge of involvement in any arrangement aimed at providing information about their users to the NSA. Now, would you trust the same organization the gives away your very own private information then denies it? Keep in mind that this I just what the beast system would all be about.

According to the Bible, the mark of the beast would be placed on the right hand or on the foreheads of people. Without the mark, you would be effectively barred from participating in any commercial activity. The actions by Google and other tech companies are explicitly aimed at advancing the beast system.

Also, note that blood is of great importance in our system – it is the source of life. With just but a drop of blood, you can access vital information about a person. This includes their DNA, any anomalies and diseases they may be suffering from and much more. Such information, in the hands of Google, could see the beast system take full effect even earlier than we had expected. Nothing would make them happier than seeing everyone under the control of the beast system.

Therefore, one thing is sure. Google or any other technological company cannot be trusted when they come up with an invention like this. Even though their intentions may seem sincere the evidence against them cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, should we sit back and watch as many innocent people fall victim to the lies of tech companies such as Google?

compAre we to give the data in your blood to Google?

Is this yet another step towards the full actualization of the system under the mark of a beast?

Is the end finally coming to reality as prophesied in the Bible?

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