21 Gift Ideas to Make Your Mother’s Day

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The origin of Mother’s Day can be traced back to 1905. Upon the death of Anna Jarvis’ mother, she began to petition to make Mother’s Day a celebrated holiday in the United States. Some say that Mother’s Day draws from the Roman and Greek tradition of honoring Rhea, the Goddess of motherhood and fertility. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world, but usually in the months of March or May. Nevertheless, the root of this celebration is to give appreciation to mothers for their selfless role in a family. Here are 21 thoughtful ideas to show a mother how important she is:

Cheat Day – Mother’s take up tiresome responsibilities without a word. They yearn for a day when they can simply laze around and not have to worry about a thing! Give her a day off. Make sure that she isn’t burdened with household chores. You could do this by cooking her favourite dish, cleaning the house etc.

Chocolates/ Sweets – If your mother has a sweet tooth, you could gift her chocolates or other sweets. They a decadent way to spruce up your Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Unique Mothers Day Gifts 2016Candles – Scented candles make for excellent gifts, because the aroma they are infused with creates a relaxing ambience – something your mother deserves very much! Look out for candles that are fruity or have a vanilla base as they are soothing to the nerves.

Indulge in Favourite Pastime – Spend quality time with her while she indulges in what she enjoys the most. Be it watching movies or talking a walk by the beach – let her rejuvenate.

Flowers – Women, who are old school at heart, greatly appreciate a bouquet of flowers. By now, you should know if a rose or a lily makes your mom light up. Let her wake up to a gorgeous bouquet on the day of Mother’s Day. On such a note, she is sure to have a wonderful time ahead.

Photo Album – Mothers have come a long way from who they used to be, as a child, a teenager and a youngster. Contact her friends; reach out to long lost relatives and find memories captured in print. Gift an album (physical or digital) of her cherished moments in life.

Party/ Get together – Plan a party or get together with the people who matter to her the most. Seeing a room of loving faces, gathered to celebrate her, would only make your mother realise how valued she is. Your mom is sure to have a gala time.

Scavenger Hunt – Let your mom walk down memory lane by custom planning a scavenger hunt that would take her all around the city. If you’d like, you could do this in her hometown. It would absolutely make her day!

Adventure Sports – If your mother is interested in Adventure Sports, but hasn’t ever gotten around to giving it a try, buy her a session of Parasailing or Kayaking. The thrill of these adventures coupled with her family spending time with her would make the Mother’s Day very memorable for her.

mothers-dayClothing/ Jewellery – Mothers can never have enough of clothes or jewellery. There would always be an occasion to show off the newest addition to her wardrobe. So buy her an outfit or a necklace that stands out.

DIY Projects – What makes a gift more special? Making it by hand rather than purchasing it! Embroider a handkerchief or make a mother-child duo bracelet or tie dye a cushion cover. Identify what makes your mom happy and try it by hand. At the end of the day, even if you aren’t a professional, your efforts would make the whole thing more special for her.

Sweet Words Jar – Mothers work so hard to fulfil all of their responsibilities. Sometimes, they need to be reminded how much they matter to us. Fill a jar with paper slips that contain meaningful sentiments. Let your mom pick up a chit whenever she is feeling down, and be energized by your words of love.

Vacation – Everyone craves for a vacation. Pick a spot, formulate an itinerary and surprise your mother at the last moment. Let her anticipate what awaits her at this mysterious destination. Be it a beach resort or a wilderness getaway, your mother deserves this break from routine.

Be a Decent Human Being – Ultimately, every mother wants to feel that they’ve succeeded in their job of rearing a child. Be a genuinely wonderful person; it is one of the best gifts that you can give a mother. Let her swell up with pride, as she sees your kind, helpful and considerate nature.

DIY momPamper Her Silly at a Spa – If planning a vacation is a bit of a stretch, book a spa treatment for your mother. Between her job and caring for her family, she has probably gotten a bunch of frown lines and wrinkles. Atleast for one day let her relax and get pampered by others.

Encourage and Support Her to take up a hobby or further pursue her passions. She must have given up a lot of opportunities in an attempt to care for her children. If your mother enjoys art, enrol her in a painting or sculpting class. This would be the perfect push she needs to get attuned to her likings. She would definitely appreciate this gesture.

Have the Local Radio Station Play Her Favorite Songs – Some mothers, if not all, enjoy music a great deal. Your gesture of dedicating songs on a public platform would show her that you care deeply and aren’t shy about letting the world know that. Moreover, she can gloat in front of others about what you’ve done for her.

deepika-and-mom-card_1436955767Video Messages – Urge family members and relatives to record video messages about your mom and what a wonderful job she is doing. Hearing heartfelt praises on such a day would only lift her spirits further.

Redo Her Room – This one is a bit of a long shot, but if you could get some help, you could change the look of your mother’s room. Get some new wallpapers or home décor items to amp up the vibes. This is where she retires to at the end of a long, tiring day. You’d want it to contain as much positive and homely energy as possible. You could also redo her room, with her help. That could be a fun Mother’s Day activity for the family.

Dedicate a Creative Work to Her – If you dabble in the creative arts like writing poetry, short stories, a novel, making remixes, creating short films, you could dedicate one of your works to her. It’s not just a reflection of how talented you are (which Mums always like to boast about) but shows her just how much she matters to you.

Take Her Out To Try a Different Cuisine – They say that trying out different cuisines is like visiting a different place. Let your mother gorge on delicacies that she’s probably never heard of or can’t even pronounce the name of. If she dislikes it, the evening could become a funny anecdote. On the other hand, if she loves it, you’ve just discovered the new family weekend spot!

You don’t need to do too many extravagant things to impress your mother. She is family. But, they deserve to be treated like the Queen they are. So go out of the way to show her just how precious she is. Pick an idea from the list or mix and match a couple of ideas – it’s your call. As long as you put your heart and soul in it, your mother would be glowing for days after.

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