Dawn of Human Robots: Merging the Human Brain with Computers

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Biblical theorists have predicted the end of the world that will be accompanied by rapture. Although the exact date of the end of the world has not been written in stone, there are several telltale signs including the inception of artificial intelligence that have been witnessed in the recent.

Indeed, technology in the recent past has been developing at quite a fast rate. I cannot help but remember the good old days when only the rich in society could afford computers. And even then, computers were these bulky boxes that had an overheating problem. I can also recall the days when some biotechnological technologies were just concepts for Sci-Fi movies.

bp2Well, today, scientists are using genetic and biotechnology to even control human development and growth. This includes complex advancements such as gene therapy whereby experts transplant normal genes into a cell that are malfunctioning or that are missing. Also, a lot of research is being geared towards enabling human beings to come up with genetic clones of themselves just by the use of simple cells and DNA. I am sure you now catch the drift; we are heading to the world whereby human beings will change the natural order of creation.

God, in His own knowledge, created perfect beings, in the beginning, we were made in His own image and likeness. How perfect is that: as humans, we are to be reflections of God. Yet as we speak, man is” Playing God” by technologies which in the first place are a way of mocking creation. The technologies are such as the designer babies, a technology referred to as developmental modification.

bp3Human genetic engineering banks heavily on heavily on technology and science. It is advancing rapidly with the aim of trying to alleviate some diseases and to give the elderly that enthusiasm which makes them feel young again. However, as we are going to realize they pose more harm than good to the human race. Some major concerns of genetic engineering are:

-The fact that genetic engineering procedures are usually irreversible. Once you go through a procedure, you will never be the same again.

-Also, the reaction of the host body to the newly introduced genes is usually unpredictable. Hence there is always a chance of something going terribly wrong.

-Another major concern is the use of biotechnology in warfare. Just imagine what would happen if terrorist lay their hands on genetically engineered weaponry. Keeping in mind that the genetically modified organisms used in these biological weapons reproduce faster hence within a short time can wipe out a whole population.

Another way in which human beings is the concept of artificial intelligence: This technology advanced by entrepreneur Elon Musk aims to link the human brain with computers.

Elon muskElon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is financing a brain-computer interface project called Neuralink a venture which is focused on generating devices that can be inserted into the human brain to fuse it with computer application software. He hinted that Neuralink has existed for over six months now and perhaps we will witness a close unity between biological and digital intelligence.

In previous years, these brain-computer linkages have only existed in Sci-Fi movies. But today, such implants and electrode arrays have been associated with minimizing the effects of Parkinson’s epilepsy and some neurodegenerative illnesses. Nevertheless, the number of people in the whole world with implants inserted inside their skull is countable due to the extreme risks involved in operating the human brain and only those who have tried all other alternatives to no vain go for this option.

There are many major concerns associated with the development of these devices since many Neuroscience Researchers lack a full understanding of the communication between neurons in the human brain. Some of the other major concerns of this technology are:

1. There is a great possibility that neuron stimulation can interfere with the proper functioning of a person’s brain and mind. These massive intensities of electrical signaling can supersede the normal signaling of the motor cortex and even block it.

2.Also, this advancement is going to cause more pain and social conflicts in coming decades. This will be caused by the enhanced intelligence and longer life expectancy hence competition for jobs available between the aging workforce .

3.Finally, the technology would lead to a lot of job disruptions as industries and business companies will opt for robots and automated machines which ought not to be the case as machines are only meant to be to be used as supplements but not replacements hence many people will be rendered jobless.

GeneticWell, gone are the days when computerized human brains and genetic engineering were concepts for futuristic movies. However major concerns still remain.

Are these technologies completely safe?

Are we on the verge of our own destruction?

Is the act of merging computers with the human brain ethical?

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