Prom – Things to know

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How do I ask a girl to prom?

  • First of all, there are two things you need to consider. Are you already acquainted with the girl? If not, the first thing you need to do is find an opportunity for you to be introduced to her or for you to introduce yourself to her.

  • If you already know each other but she does not have any clue yet about your intention, start by being extra nice to her. Do not do it just once, but be consistent. This will allow her to be a bit comfortable with you.

  • When you are finally comfortable with each other, drop that question right away but in a nice way. Drop the question as if you are just asking a friend. Do not sound threatening nor look a bit fresh. Make her feel that she can still be comfortable around you.

  • Make sure also that when you have asked her out, you have also given out a few details. You should be picking her up and you should have already set the time when to do so.

  • This may sound a bit off and not so many people do this, but it would be nice if you could inform her parents who you are. This would ease their mind and lessen their worry about their daughter. So that’s it and you’re all set.

Teenage girl attaching corsage to prom date

Teenage girl attaching corsage to prom date

How to ask a guy to prom?

  • Asking a guy to prom is non-conventional but it would be the bravest thing to do. Some guys out there are rather shy and intimidated. The guy you want to ask might have wanted to ask you out as well. He is, however, too shy. So if he is that guy, determine first whether you already know each other or whether your worlds meet.

  • If you know each other well, then you can start to ask whether he has a prom date already. Just be honest about it like you are just asking a good friend. If you are not yet acquainted with each other, introduce yourself to him. If you think that he is rather too shy, you can start by being nice to him, giving him a smile and a simple hello. You can also ask a common friend who could introduce you to him. There are countless of ways for you to get to know him.

  • Find time to get to know him more. Constant communication through texting will do, or you could take your lunch together.

  • When you have developed a friendship with him, then maybe the time is right and you can ask him to prom.

  • In this case, you can just ask him to meet you somewhere or maybe at your home so you can go together to prom.

Where do I buy a prom dress?

  • The easiest way to buy a prom dress is to go and visit the nearest dress shop. There maybe a lot from where you are at.

  • However, before visiting the nearest dress shop, you should be able to determine first what kind of dress you want to have. Do you want to look stunning and sexy? Do you want to look simple and cool? Or do you want to look sweet and princess-y? Choose a design that will fit your personality.

  • When you have done so, determine also your budget. There are many cheap but nice dresses. Your dress does not have to be expensive. It is not about the dress but it is about how you are able to carry yourself with the dress. If you are able to carry yourself well even if you are donned with the simplest dress, you might even get yourself the prom queen crown.

  • You can also choose whether you want to have a custom-made dress or a pre-made dress.

  • Lastly, because of the existence of internet, you can also order your dress online and have it shipped to you. There are many dress shops online. You can even choose the design and the size of the dress. It would be easier and more convenient.

How to get your prom date to kiss you?

  • Well, in this case, usually, the girl has to send out signals that she wants the guy to kiss her. When she does, the guy does the rest. If you are the guy, do not try to make a move unless you can read her signs. Wait for those signs before diving in. If you are the girl, on the other hand, make sure you are sending the right signals.

  • The signal to send is a sort of welcoming gesture. A simple kiss on the cheek will do. But before you do so, make sure that when you are communicating or talking to your date, you are making eye contact with him or her. This will show that you are comfortable being around him.

  • Once you are both comfortable with each other and after you have planted that welcoming gesture, focus on just enjoying the prom with his or her company. Enjoy it naturally. Do not just pretend you are enjoying it.

  • As the night goes on, you can start flirting. Flirting can be done by hand gestures like a gentlemanly touch at the back, a slight fix of the hair or a simple wipe on the face or mouth with the use of a table napkin. Just send out those signals. If the other person seems to be bothered by the gestures, do not insist. If your partner seems to like it, do not stop.

  • When the night is over, do not stay away from his eyes, and move closely to each other’s face. Look at each other’s eyes like you want it. At the end of it, you will surely get it.

Prom Dance

How do I dance at prom?

  • When you are at the prom, there is no exact dance steps that you need to learn to be able to dance well at prom. Some YouTube videos will show you how but it is not the exact thing and you do not need to do exactly as told.

  • You need to first focus on the music played at the prom. There are many types of music played at the prom. They can be alternative, R&B, ballad or dance music. As you focus on the music, just feel the beat and try to enjoy it.

  • The music will make you want to move with it when you are enjoying the music. You might discover that your head is slightly banging to the beat or your hand might be tapping on your lap.

  • When you have enjoyed the music, your movements will naturally come out. You do not need to have dance moves like Matt Steffanina. Even the slightest movement that comes out naturally will do.

  • For as long as you are enjoying the music, it does not matter.

  • When you seem to get into the beat of the music, ask your prom date to join you. Make him or her feel that you are enjoying the music. When he or she sees that you are enjoying, he or she will want to join in and before you know it, both of you are already dancing to the music and enjoying the night with each other.

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