12 Signs that you are with a good man

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How to find you’re sharing the relationship with a good man?? Check out these 12 Signs!!

This one is especially for you girls!

Sharing healthy relationship with a man gives you a lot of things despite love and romance. It doesn’t matter how your relationship started, whether it was a love at first sight or friendship that turned into love. What matter is how the relationship is going and how you feel about it. There are many disappointing things are there like stupid fights, misunderstandings, scary thoughts and much more but what makes you going in a relationship is feelings.

Love-Romance-Pictures-HD-wallpapersNowadays relationships are facing unexpected issues regarding the partner. It is very important to know whether you are with a good and suitable match? Is the relationship worthy of your time and efforts? After a smooth phase of cozy romance there comes a time when you need to give some serious thoughts to your relationship. Many women feel at a time that something is wrong in the relationship but they are not able to judge it. Is he the right match? Is he good enough for you?

Let’s see some pure and natural facts that define the symptoms of a good man.

1. Love is fine, Does he trust you blindly?

It’s not hard to find out if he trusts you? It is very important to have trust in your partner. You are not supposed to be a part of a relationship where you are being watched for your every move. Come on girls, don’t give it a name of cute jealousy and underestimate his act. There is a big line between jealousy and doubts. Make sure to recognize the line because without trust there is not an existence of a pure relationship. A good man is the right amount of trust and understanding.

2. Is your man- power supply of encouragement for you?

A man is considered as a good if he supports you all the time. Does your man support you to follow your dream? It doesn’t matter how silly your dream is but is he there when you look back for support? It’s cherry on the cake if your man is the one who encourages you all the time to follow your dream.

3. Does he always make you feel beautiful?

Putting efforts to impress your man is a very common thing for girls. What matter is how your man finds you beautiful! A good man will notice your little efforts and will compliment you for that. He will also see you with the same loving eyes even if you are in your sweatpants with the complete messy look.

beautifulpeoplemagazine24. Do you feel safe around your man?

Safety is as important as love for the woman. It is very important to feel safe around your man. If you can’t sleep soundly by side of your man than you seriously need to give thoughts to your relationship.

5. Does your man share his inner side with you?

Man is very poor when it comes to expressing and sharing the emotions, fears, and thoughts but it is believed that a man feels free to open up in front of the right woman. So girls, time to consider your side, does your man find you are the right match? If yes then he will defiantly open up in front of you. If not then it’s time to give it some hard thoughts.

beautifulpeoplemagazine56. Does he respect you as a part of a relationship?

Relationship cannot be built by a single person. It requires two souls. A Good man will give you the equal importance. Your opinions and choices definitely matter to him. He respects you for what you are instead of comparing you with others.

7. Does he put efforts to make the relationship healthier?

A good man plans to make you surprise. It doesn’t matter how big the plan is, it can be a random drive or watch your favorite movie on television. It’s his effort that matters. It’s how he got the perfect timing to mention ‘I love you’ and give you a smooth peck on your forehead. So girls take notes!

8. Is your man mature enough to handle any situation?

Wondering why this point is important? Well, women need a mature man who is able to handle any situation and able to take responsibility. It’s not like he is the only one to perform this part but immature man cannot be part of a healthy relationship.

beautifulpeoplemagazine19. Is your man a good listener?

What could be better than this, having a soul mate who is interested in listing to you when you feel low or down. A good man is the one who is always ready to listen to his partner even if it’s silly and stupid.

10. Does he feel proud to show you off in front of his friends?

In simple words, is your man willing to introduce you to his friends and family? This shows how much serious is he about you. It is very important to know the level of his seriousness towards the relationship and where he wants to lead the relationship. A good man will not hide you from the world.

11. Are you part of his future plans?

It is not necessary that every relationship has the happy ending but it is necessary to know the status of your relationship. A good man will show his intentions towards you by his future plans. He will mention you in his future whether intentionally or unintentionally. A good man has always thought of future plans with his partner.

Mid adult couple on armchair in new home

Mid adult couple on armchair in new home

12. Is he avoiding you during the time when you are not together?

It is not necessary that he replies to your text within a second he receive the text or answer your call in one attempt every time but at least he should be willing to talk to you. It is very easy to notice if he is avoiding you or not. His replies and efforts for you can make it all clear. Man can be busy with his stuff but what we’re asking for is a bit of effort to connecting with you. Avoiding leads to cheating sometimes, so make sure about his behavior.

So girls no need to compare your man or your relationship with others. Check out all these 12 points deeply and see where you man fits in the answer. That’s it the conclusion is all yours!!

You surely can compromise with looks but can you compromise with goodness?

PS – Let us know your thought!

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