United Airlines Fiasco: Something the world needs to know

Posted on April 15, 2017, 4:34 pm
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If you’re an individual with online access in 2017, you’ve probably spent your time parsing the details of the United Airlines passage’s incident. But if you are not aware of the United Airlines fiasco, then here you go. A passenger supposedly known as David Dao, who is a doctor from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, appeared to be pulled off an aircraft by security when United Airlines passage determined they needed to begin some seats for their own employees.


David Dao

There is some profanity and it’s just pretty upsetting in all ways, but you will find this instant recording on the Internet  from various sources. Some people saw intended bias. Some were frustrated at the lack of mankind and value. Either way, it’s distressing and a complete disaster.

The upsetting event taken on cellphone videos recorded by United Airlines passage (you can watch it here) visitors at the end of the week went beyond the regular issues of passengers on an overbooked trip.  An unidentified man (David Dao) who refused to be drawn from an airplane screamed as an intruder formal wrestled him out of his seat and attracted him down the area by his arms. His glasses slid down his encounter, and his outfits improved above his belly as uniformed authorities followed. He was saying that they have to kill him because he had patients that were waiting to see him. But they didn’t pay attention to his demand.


At least two passengers documented the unwanted event and the man’s anguished presentations, and their videos spread easily on the Internet & social media very quickly. A security person in the recorded video  has been placed on leave, and the Federal Transportation Department is examining the whole incident whether the air journey complied with recommendations regarding overbooking.

The amazing area introduced up issues about the typical process of overbooking air tickets and how far airways will go to enhance all of their seats. The specter introduced up by the incident is one of air journey recommendations around overbooking tickets, and whether or not they should have the right to impact you off a passenger seat for which you paid. Legally, they do. But there’s a problem between something being right and something being legal, and when the area between those two aspects contain facts, producing an elderly man (David Dao) who says he has patients to get to, it’s difficult not to wonder if maybe United Airlines just should have asked for someone else to be kept behind.


Three airplane authorities are on leave till now following the incident, which into a marketing frustration for United Airlines. Munoz (CEO of United Airlines) came under huge pressure for expressing to employees in a memo soon after the incident and not offering an apology to Dao immediately after the facts came to light. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz apologized for the forcible removal of an investing passenger and he draws the incident as truly terrible by his words.

But at the beginning his statement (or apology) “having to re-accommodate customers” creates the situation more complex & serious. As an outcome, the United Airlines was on the top of several headline. In the morning, this stock immediately reduced 4%. And after that, the “truly horrific “apology came from the CEO around 3pm.


United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

According to many public relations experts, the whole issues could have been avoided or handled more professionally if United Airlines CEO had apologized immediately and in a great sensible manner. But because of his lack of judgment, more damages occurred. It has taken nearly four different approaches for the United Airlines CEO to fight the right overall tone of honesty.  United Airlines has been a well-known topic on various social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter since it was first released.

David Dao’s lawyer also confirmed that he was still going through therapy in a Chicago hospital. Clearly, when you find out the fact, it is distressing to see how the situation was handled. And incidents like this should never happen again. A friendly sky is out there. But we all want a friendly seat too. A paid passenger should always be given desired comfort & security, not a nightmare. Airlines authority should handle passengers more cordially, and stop overbooking seats.


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