Deteriorating Conditions in Syria

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Syria has been the focal point of absolute terror and heartrending loss for an excruciatingly long time. Rebel groups continue to wreck havoc and the inhabitants of the city are bearing the brunt of lack of proper intervention. Between the rebel groups and Syrian forces, the city is crumbling. Amongst a slew of attacks, the previous most recent one occurred on Tuesday, the 4th of April 2017. The responsible party, in this case, hasn’t been identified. And unlike the chlorine attacks of the Syrian forces, it is conjectured that the recent incident may involve a much more deadly nerve agent. Supposedly, President Assad handed over the stock of chemical weapons after the 2013 Gouhta attack. So, the Syrian government claims to have nothing to do with these strikes and is pointing the blame in the other direction.

Around 85 people have died and hundreds suffer, despite the efforts of the rescue teams. What is even more astonishing is that in addition to bombing the city, the strikes are also targeting hospitals and clinics. How is it that albeit the efforts of The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to ban or survey the use of chemical munitions, these attacks are gaining more and more ground? After the 4th April attack, US intervened by targeting a Syrian air base, in order to drive home the point that they would not tolerate the use of chemical weapons. US President Donald Trump clarified that the Syrian air base was targeted because it is believed that the chemical attack of Tuesday was launched from there. However, another attack followed suit, and on Saturday, the 8th of April, the town of Khan Sheikhoun was once again bombarded. With one person reported to be dead and three others injured, there seems to be no end to this back and forth onslaught.

syria22Simultaneously, other regions have also been experiencing external or internal aggression, leading to further loss. Of all the victims, the children are most vulnerable to chemicals. As their immune system is far weaker than those of adults, they are more prone to dying because of ingestion of these chemicals or otherwise, they could suffer debilitating trauma. Because of these chemical attacks, thousands of people have died due to asphyxiation. The Idlib province of Syria remains a hotspot of violent activity. But, for how long? And what further action would be taken is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, one thing is certain – several facts remain veiled and in this blame game, the gullible are easily persuaded. The Syrian opposition, the government forces, foreign powers – all point hither and thither, while bodies pile up and infrastructures turn to ash.

It is truly shameful to realise that for over 6 years a certain region has been undergoing unimaginable brutality and the help of others has been of little consequence. Hundreds of people are being slaughtered every day. There is nothing more jarring than to come to terms with the reality of the deteriorating conditions in Syria and the diminishing morals of humanity.

Image Courtesy: USA Today

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