Sweet Poison: The danger of Sugar

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Whenever we make a sweet dish, we cannot forget to add the most prominent ingredient in it, which is sugar. Sugar is the only element which can make any dish sweeter. Sugar is a saccharine crystalline material obtained from different plants, particularly sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting basically of sucrose, and used as an inducement in foodstuff and drink. It is prominent as a resource of nutritional carbohydrate and as an inducement and the addition of other foods.

 Most of the people in the world are addicted to sweet dishes. Actually, sweet dishes are always tasty. So, no one can say no to sweet dishes. Sometimes we cannot control ourselves from over eating sweet dishes. Having sweet dishes can be beneficial.

  • This food has a lofty calorie content that will provide our body vigor that we require.
  • Sugar’s glycerol acerbic can be incredibly helpful in maintaining the physical condition and look of our membrane.
  • This ingredient is produced from natural assets without the utilize of pesticides and other destructive goods, in a way that don pollutes atmosphere.

Though sugar has some benefits, but having too much sugar/sweet dish can be dangerous for health. You may lump it to like it, few of us get through the day without such as sugar to our dietary routines. We are Pavlovian inhabitants made up of sugar, treacle and toffee fans, drawn to the flavor of lovely flavor like bees to honey. So ingrained is our desire that even writing about this now is providing my salivary glands into super speed as my mind reacts to the very considered it, rushing substances around to prepare my determine for some serious action.


Sweet poison is called sweet dish as well. A large number of people, who is attacking by serious diseases for having too much sweet dish, are increasing day by day.

Dangers of using sugar:

  • It makes our blood acidic.
  • This ingredient might lead to ovarian cancer.
  • It might lead to chromium lack of.
  • Sugar rots our incisor.
  • It can raise the level of our blood sugar.
  • It contributes to corpulence.
  • It creates the recommend to binge.
  • It robs our energy.
  • It also robs our body of minerals.
  • Even it can cause cancer.
  • It causes ulcers.
  • We can have diabetic by having too much sugar/sweet dishes.
  • Sugar suppresses our immune system.
  • It weakens our vision.
  • It can occur hypoglycemia.
  • Sugar causes aging.
  • Sugar contributes to eczema.
  • It promotes wrinkling and aging membrane.

Added sugar is the solitary nastiest constituent in the current diet. Because, sugar only contributes us to gain more weight. Most of the people in the world are struggling with their overweight, which they have gained by having too much sugar/sweet dishes. There are no minerals, proteins, vitamins, essential fats or minerals in sugar.

It has one of the most harmful additives in foods today. Here are some reasons, why:-


Appetite Problem:

Human body is normally built with techniques that tell us when to cease consuming. Studies have revealed that sugar has found a way to hold those natural techniques. Consuming foods and beverages rich in such ingredients results in the development of a condition known as leptin degree of stage of resistance.

When a personal has leptin degree of stage of resistance, they don’t experience full and enthusiastic about regular variety of foods, so they continue getting excessive variety of foods whenever they eat.

Our body system also has issues finding the existence of this food ingredient in beverages. It’s difficult for the whole body to send a sign that you already absorbed a lot of calories from sodas or soft drinks (or juice) because this material just doesn’t sign-up the same way as other types of foods.

High percentage of having heart disease:

This food might affect the subconscious muscle activity of the middle. A substance seen in common table sugar known as G6P has a negative effect on the middle tissues at your body’s tissues.

Excess consumption of such food and a non-active way of life can enhance a person’s opportunity of developing middle unable. Center unable often statements people lives in less than and very extensive period after research.

Having presence of toxic in liver:

Extreme consumption of table sugar and other editions like excellent fructose maize syrup may impact normal liver function, which can then lead to liver disease. Medical researchers have realized that fructose and other carbohydrates make use of the same metabolic programs that ethanol uses, which makes it just as risky as alcohol.

Unnecessary Fat:

There has been an increasing improve in obesity rates in kids and kids these past many decades. One of the major members to this pattern is an enhance in the consumption of fructose. Fructose is a cheap form of sugar used in sodas, ice cream, cookies and even breads items.


Fructose appears to enhance the growth of strong fat or the fat seen in our midsections. When a child generates older strong fat early in life, he/she has excellent opportunity of obesity in adulthood.

How to avoid eating too much sugar:

  • We generally use sugar to caffeine as a method to keep us awake. So, we should try to have a little snack instead of turning to sugar or caffeine.
  • There are a number of poignant reasons that we may be rotated to sugar. Many people consume impetuously as a response to trauma, nervousness, dejection, or even as remuneration for achieving something.
  • Start off by plummeting the quantity of sugar that we insert to our food. For example, if you put one teaspoon of sugar in your dawn coffee or tea, lessen it to ½ teaspoon.


There are also many natural ways to get rid of having too much sugar. Like, having vegetables at every meal, which should be dark green and leafy.

Sugar is appetizing. Many of us eat a lot of sugar just because it tastes so good. But too much sugar is not good for health. It is very dangerous. So, we must avoid having too much sugar.


Is this food completely safe to eat?

What is the ways body use sugar?

Does it fit into a balanced diet?

Do this food cause lots of problem in our body?


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