Finding Perfect Pair of jeans and shoes

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Finding Perfect Pair of shoes and jeans

Many men like their shoes and pants a great deal. It’s for this reason that over the years, jeans have evolved from the item of clothing we wear to informal occasions into a fashion statement. However, there’s no denying that some men still find the task matching shoes with their jeans a bit puzzling. Well, we can say it’s really not. In fact, matching your shoes to your favorite pair of jeans won’t be tricky when going with our clues.

Determine the occasion:

Begin by figuring out the setting. Every event requires a unique choice. So, are you are trying to look casual or elegant? If casual is your answer, aim for the sky. Being casual does not imply that you become carefree. For instance, to get that stylish look, all you would need is that pair of dark-wash jeans and either suede or leather shoes. These are just the beginning of a perfect combination.

Determine the ideal jeans:

Wait, now you have to take a step at a time. First, your inseam is paramount. Then, find your perfect style, pick your wash and then choose a cuffing: if you are up to the task.

·        Pick your style:

Jeans are often classified by their leg style or by their fit. Skinny, slim or straight: different brands use different names, we are going to go through the common ones below:

    • Relaxed jeans are a high rise, they are made wider at the legs and thighs. They are great for husky and athletic guys.

    • Loose jeans lie low on your waist. They are made baggy in the thighs and butt.

    • Boot cut jeans are made with wide legs to fit neatly over shoes.

    • Classic (Regular)jeans are cut at the normal waist and have straight legs and thighs.

    • Slim fit jeans are narrowed at the waist. They are great for stylish settings.

    • Straight leg implies the jeans is straight across the leg, thigh, and hip.

    • Skinny jeans have slim legs and thighs with a relatively lower rise.

In any case, remember to esteem your inseam to avert unappealingly mounds at the ankles. When dressing for elegance, go for tapered rather than baggy.

·        Choose a wash:

Any wash can give a casual appearance. But for elegance, pick a darker wash: preferably dark gray, black or blue.                              

·        Choose a cuffing for your Jeans:

Cuffing is the topping for your perfect match and wash. It’s an impressive and stress-free way to shoot up your style for everyday occasions. There are various types of cuffs depending on your jeans fit, size and the length of its material.

  • Single cuff: With these cuffs, you can pleat the stitch after folding. It works best with almost all types of jeans. It’s well matched for both stylish and informal settings. For best results, pair them with boots or sneakers.

  • Long cuff: These are crinkles that are about 2-3 inches up from the wrist. They match perfectly with skinny jeans for a classy look, try it for casual fashions. Pair them with boots for outstanding looks.

  • Skinny cuff: These are close-fitting spins of the hem. There use is just similar to the long cuffs so just go for what brings out the sexiness class in you!!

However, cuffing is voluntary so relax and just enjoy it. If you are small in stature, opt for thinner cuffs.

Pick the right shoes for your jeans

Picking the perfect shoes for your jeans should be a routine if you want that attention grabbing look.

·        Monk straps, Loafers, Derby, Cap toes Oxfords and Dress boots:

Imagine yourself in a narrowed body-hugging pair of dark jeans! You look awesome. So you will need a pair of dress shoes to furnish the look. Ensure your jeans reaches just up to the top of your dress shoe. Never let them pull beyond that. A thin cuff ensures your swanky sock is seen. Sounds great!                     

·        Chelsea boots, Lace-up boots, Chukka boots, Sneakers, and other boat shoes:

For an elegant casual look, go for sneakers though there is a wide selection to choose from. You want to stand out in your company of friends, Chelsea boots are just the best!

If you choose bleached denim, then ensure it is the focus of your clothing. So now you are now prepared to dress your jeans and pair them with perfect dress shoes for your upcoming event!

At the end of the day what does your closet say about you?

Are you trying to be elegant or casual?

What style do you think fits you best?

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